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Tiny House Log Cabin Tour


Tiny House Log Cabin Style Home Tour

I thought you’d enjoy taking a tour around a tiny house, log cabin style with me today. Me and my Bestie found the most darling log cabin tiny houses while in Shipshewana IN and of course just couldn’t pass up snooping around a little.

Tiny House Log Cabin Style Home Tour

My bestie lives in an apartment right now but after touring these darling places I tried talking her into buying the biggest model and planting it on her sons farm. I love that they come move in ready all she’d have to do is hook up to his well and septic system.

Tiny House Home Tour Log Cabin Style

I say that like it’s an easy thing to do ya know? I know the log cabin look isn’t for everyone, but these are just perfect in every way. They certainly are meant for one person in my opinion but maybe a couple could make one of these places work.

Tiny House Log Cabin Home Tour

I often wondered about those people from the tv series Tiny House Living how they’re doing. How long have they really stuck with living this way, and are those couples still together?

Tiny House Log Cabin Style TourThose people had to downsize to such an extreme I wonder if they’ve stuck to it and not cluttered up the tiny home or totally threw in the towel and moved into something bigger.

Log Cabin Tiny House Home Tour

Heck my shoe room has more space than some of these tiny home. I guess as Americans we tend to overbuy and over keep things. I totally love the concept and think the homes are adorable but I’m almost positive I could never live in such a small space.

Tiny House Tour Log Cabin, Rustic Style

I like my alone time too much to be living right on top of someone else. And I’m sure my hubby feels the same way. LOL

Tiny Log House Tour, Rustic, Charming, Retreat.

Is tiny house living something you could do? If so tell me why it appeals to you, and what size home is the smallest you could get by with? 

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  1. I live my myself, so I could manage in one of these larger “tiny” log cabin homes, with a couple of modifications:
    No 1: I can appreciate the log cabin style when it comes to the walls and floors, but all that really rustic
    furniture and decor would HAVE TO GO. I value overstuffed and upholstered comfort.
    No 2: No loft bedroom. I’m way too old to be climbing a ladder in order to go to bed. A broken bone waiting to happen, as far as I’m concerned.
    No 3: There would have to be something outside to make up for the small footage inside – like the ocean, or at least a lake, or a mountain view.
    I’m not sure I could do “tiny,” but would be willing to try “small.” Maybe I could handle 650-700 sq ft. I’m looking forward to other comments on this.

  2. That doesn’t look as small as some tiny houses. And it’s really cute. But I love my “stuff”. Downsizing from 4-bedrooms, 3 baths & 4 car garage to 2 bedrooms is not easy!

  3. I don’t think I could live in something that tiny but I think it would be great as a weekend retreat by a lake somewhere! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Debbie Lorson says:

    Oh my goodness———-NO and NO again. How do you entertain? It is darling but definitely way too small.

  5. Yes!!! In a heart beat! My husband and i downsized from 3000 sq. ft, in Michigan and moved to Washington state and bought a 1300 sq. ft cottage. After living here for a bit over a year, we’re considering down sizing again, into a much smaller home….maybe about 500 sq. feet. We lived in a 28 foot 5th wheel for a year and loved it, so we may end up as nomads….who knows, but we are retired and life is one big adventure.

    1. Erika, we went from a 1600 sqft. home to a 3200 sqft home but will downsize again once all the kids move out. My oldest is converting a barn to a home right now and will leave in the spring and my youngest is transferring from his job back to our area so he’ll move home again while he looks for a house to buy. Im wondering if we’ll regret downsizing once the grand kids start? I love our location and our cabin now so we may stick it out a few more years before we go small again.

  6. My husband and I purchased our first house during the pandemic in 2020. (I was 7 months pregnant at the time). It’s only a 704 sq ft stick built cabin on the river. We got a great deal and only by God’s grace we got it just in time to settle in before our baby came. Fast forward to 2024 and we are still here with two kids. It’s been a little on the small end but keeps us from cluttering up too much.

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