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Trendy Short Haircut For Women | CreativeCainCabin.comIf you follow me on FB you know I’ve been talking about getting my hair cut. I’ve added several short cute styles and asked for everyone’s opinions, and then I took the plunge, decide to go for it, only to find out my stylist was booked 6 weeks out. Well I sat tight, booked my appointment, and waited patiently.  

Trendy Short Haircut For Women | CreativeCainCabin.comHere is the inspiration photo I took with me (I need to find me those mirrored sunglasses too). I think it’s such a darling cut, to bad I’m not blond or 20 something again. I grew my color off 2 years ago and wasn’t going back to coloring. I like the freedom and money savings of being all natural. Below in the first photos is how I normally wear my hair when it’s long. A messy bun, I don’t even comb it for several days and I only have to wash it about every 4th day. Talk about some embarrassing photos of me, but you may as well see how horrible I was looking.

Dawn | CreativeCainCabin.comWell hello people, why didn’t someone tell me I looked like POOP. Wow was that hair dating me, and so needed to go. I’m a stylist and didn’t even see how bad I was looking. What a train wreck, right? Next time tell me I can take it…..I’m not 20 anymore so the messy bun needed to go (even though it was simple) see there I go trying to justify that awful look. 

Trendy Short Haircut For Women | CreativeCainCabin.comI have super thick hair so she actually cut it 3 times (the pile you see is from the first cut) before enough was removed. I get it cut with a hot razor… it…..wouldn’t go back to a scissor cut again. She’s able to give me a great laying cut, and thin it out. I think she thins as much out as she leaves on my head. I also had a nice massage while I was there. I wasn’t expecting that so it was a welcomed treat… stylist is the best!

Trendy Short Haircut For Women | CreativeCainCabin.comI did have my gal put a gloss on my hair while I was there just to make it shine, but I stayed away from the color. I loved my hair when it was red, and I also like the cut. I may go back to the cut but no color, it’s just too much upkeep. Did you happen to notice with my hair forward and not pulled away from my face almost no gray shows. I guess the majority of it was around my hairline. So what do you think?


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  1. I think you look beautiful in every photo, I would love to have your thick hair, my oldest granddaughter has it and my daughter does too but since having kids it’s got a little thinner. I love your new style, so chic and up to date!
    Have a wonderful 4th of July!

    1. Rondell I’ve always had thick hair and my Mom has thin, she’s always wanting to trade.

  2. The short hair looks great for summer! Really cute style…

  3. Looks BEAUTIFUL !!!! I told you a while back it took years off of you. You had short hair in the Mother’s day (I think) post with your Mom.

    1. Karen, yes that photo was about 2 years old and I liked that cut.

  4. Shelly Barley says:

    You look GORGEOUS!! I love the new style! I so wish I had thick or even medium texture hair. My hair is VERY thin and straight; I feel it’s “straggly” looking but my husband likes it long. I too am quick to just through it in a ponytail and go but as you said, I’m not 20 anymore. Your cut makes you look so young – I just love it!

    1. Shelly, I think thin hair is just as bad a thick hair sometimes. I have to have more thinned out than I keep on my head to get it to cooperate. I think we always wish we had something other than what we got, I would like big curls….lol

  5. Hi Dawndie! I didn’t realize your hair was so long! You’re beautiful no matter what but I do love your new hair cut. For the past two years I’ve been letting my hair grown out and am wearing it up. Of course I’m old! ๐Ÿ™‚ You’re a young chick and so pretty and look beautiful in all of your hair styles.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;0

    1. Shelia I like the ease of long hair but I was ready for a change, I was feeling frumpy ๐Ÿ™

  6. Dawn
    You can’t see your gray at all anymore! I like your short cut, it’s so cute.
    I’d love to go short but I’m just too afraid I’d hate it and my hair grows very slowly.

    1. Kim I’m lucky my hair grows like a weed that’s also why I can change the style all the time.

  7. You look 20 years younger! I love the shot when it was red, too.

    1. Kim I like it when it was red too and still may go back to that cut from time to time.

  8. Love your new haircut!! You look so much younger with short hair. Absolutely beautiful!!!

    1. Thank you Wanda I’ll take looking younger any day.

  9. I love your new cut, Dawn. You may not be 20 something, but you sure look like it. xo Laura

  10. Good am! Wow! WOW! Big difference! As I read through, I felt like I am reading my story. I’m in my early 40’s. I do no color (except light highlights every 3-4 months) for 2 years… long hair… easy infrequent shampoos. Then BOOM… you were bold and cut it off.. and LOOK FABULOUS! I need to ponder this! LOL. Keep us updated on change, maintenance, etc. Because of you.. I will go brush my hair this morning for a change! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Have a great day!

    1. Tamara, I had it done on Tuesday and so far all I’ve done was get out of bed and fluff it, no comb or brush and no wash so far. I’m going to love it I think.

  11. Oh Dawn I love it! You look 20 something now ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks Penney what a bonus right….looking younger.

  12. totally SO cute!! I’ve always had short hair, so I’m partial. I agree with everyone, it takes 20 years off!

    1. Debra now when I say Im 29 maybe it will be more believable….LOL

  13. Dawn:
    You look beautiful!!!! You hair cut is amazing!!! The long hair was so pretty, too, but the new cut is young, fresh, and BONUS – you can’t see any grays!!!! Enjoy your 4th of July!!! :)-Jill from Maine

    1. Jill I was amazed the gray didn’t show anymore, and the cut is super easy!

  14. Dawn,
    You are looking fabulous! Have a great Summer!

    1. Diane it will certainly be an easy cut for summer.

  15. Kathleen G says:

    You look happy and the haircut looks great on you. Have a nice day Dawn, Kathleen in Az

  16. I think you look nice in all pictures. But a girl needs a change every once in a while so enjoy the change I am 43 and about 10 years my husband ask me to stop coloring my hair.It is all white. It took a while to really like it but I get so many compliments on it now and the ease of no more coloring is great..I started going white at 12………

    1. Angelia 12 wow that sure is premature isn’t it? My step dad has a pretty white hair, and my mother in law has a steel gray color that’s beautiful. Im not so lucky mine is an ugly gray.

  17. Dawn, your haircut is really cute and I like your natural color too. I cut my hair short once after my third child was born, but there’s a reason I say once. It didn’t do anything for me. Your cut is so cute it makes me want to try again.

    1. Becky I agree short isn’t for everyone but I did look back through photos of me and decided I looked better with short hair, long was just easier.

    1. Thank you Kris I think the long hair days are over for someone my age.

  18. Love it!! So flattering and pretty. I am actually in a similar cut right now.. also was blessed with super thick hair. I feel like stylists hate me at times.. lol. My stylist has a pair of thinning scissors she told me cost $500, and I really think it has helped immensely with my thick locks. Hmm, a hot razor? I will have to ask about that and what it is!
    Looking fab, Dawn!

    1. Tammy try a cut with a hot razor you will love it.

  19. I dont think I ever saw a picture of you before. Had you not had the same top on, I would never thought it was the same person. I love your hair cut. You look 10 years younger. I cut my hair short 20 years ago, and never regretted it..I to have thick hair, and stopped coloring my hair over a year ago..again, no regret. So enjoy your new look….

    1. Rosie thank you for stopping by. I like my hair short and think Im at that age where long hair won’t be an option anymore.

  20. crafty.grandma says:

    WOW!!! I did a double take when I first saw your picture!! It doesn’t even look like you! Love the new do!! Trรจs tres chique!!! when I was about 16 my sister decided to give me streaks – well my hair turned green – never ever tried dying my hair after that — then my brilliant sister-in-law who was a hairdresser talked me into lightening my hair – my hair fell out!!!! LOL!! when I was in my 30’s my daughter who was 15 at the time talked me into coloring my hair a lighter color (from mousy brown) I tried again and what do you know my hair turned green AGAIN!! My hairdresser just the other day suggested hi-lights – NO thank u!!! However, my mousy brown hair turns lighter in the summer so it is streaked and then everyone asks me what color I used or who my hair colorist is!!! LOL!! So enjoy your freedom of not coloring your hair I know I am – still waiting for the grey at 60!!!

    1. What you still don’t have any grey? That’s amazing. Im with you I wouldn’t color either if I’d had all those bad experiences.

      1. crafty.grandma says:

        LOL!!! Not one….my dad passed away at 83 and not a gray hair to be seen …..guess I got his good genes!!!

        1. So strange did you have a traumatic experience when you were young, that can bring it on sometimes.

          1. crafty.grandma says:

            lol !! No traumatic experience – I was born with no hair on my head and when my hair did grow in it was very very blonde it was almost white – for years I was called Blondie which I hated!! Imagine growing up in a predominantly Italian neighborhood where everyone was dark and you are the only blonde!!! I also always burned very easily from the sun….and when my hair started to get dark….the sun bleached it. My days were spent at the pool swimming and sunbathing so I became even blonder and darker to blend in with the Italians!! LOL!! My dad was very blonde as child too although he was born and raised in Poland. Perhaps my slav background had something to do with it….strangely enough my daughter was born with very little hair too…and stayed blonde most of her childhood she is still has blonde hair and very light eyebrows and blonde eyelashes (she is 40!) but her kids are darker sort of mousy blonde, mostly because their dad is Sicilian and very dark but the whole family is blue eyed except for my grandson who has green eyes like me!!!

          2. I had no hair when I was born either and everyone thought I was a boy. My mom said it was like overnight I had super thick hair and even cried as a kid when she tried to comb it out. Love the green eyes in your family I have green too ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. You look beautiful. Such a wonderful thing to do for yourself. Easier isn’t always better. I have to remind myself of that all the time. Ha! Have fun and enjoy the new you. <3

    1. Thank you Ann but you are right easier certainly wasn’t a good look, lol.

  22. I really love the new cut. I have been debating whether I should cut mine or not. I went from almost waist length years ago to so short it was crazy. Now it is almost to my shoulder and I don’t know what to do. I love being able to pull it up off my neck but I just don’t know. You gave me a lot to think about.

    1. Patty wow thats long. I like to keep mine up too or short seem to be the only answers for me.

  23. Your new style is very becoming on you and does make you look younger! I always have a short do for summer and then let it grow out for the winter. Just that hibernation thing, I guess!

    1. I know how that goes. it seems that’s what I do too.

  24. You look amazing and you deserve feeling amazing too! I really feel your pain on the cost and time commitment to hair color but your hair was so cute on the bottom left picture!! You look so happy too! Pleas keep this up and please do not let gray show.

    1. Anne thank you for stopping by ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m loving the new cut!

  25. Lynne Olsen says:

    I love all of your past styles, even long but this is by far my fave! You look fantastic. For me, short is so much easier. When it’s long it takes me forever to make it look decent. I have to color because of my silver gray and my dark hair. I can’t bring myself to let it grow out. I’ve had dark hair my whole life and I’m worried the gray will make me look washed out. Dawn, was it you that posted about the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse makeup? I bought it and I LOVE it

    1. Lynne, Yes it was me who posted on Instagram about the makeup and so glad you like it. For summer I am using Maybelline’s BB cream, I don’t like a heavy coverage when it’s hot out, you should try that too. I am lucky and my hair always cooperates all I do is blow dry and finger into place. I think I’ll do a video from wet to styled so everyone can see how easy this cut is.

  26. I love every hair style you have had. I am a little behind on your reading your blog. Tough summer here in Missouri.
    I have silver/gray/platinum hair : ) …… no clue what word they are using for it these days. Your pics are inspirational
    and gave me some idea. My hair is one length being about 2 1/2 inches below my ears with bangs. I generally wear
    it partially pulled up into a barrett with the back left down. IDK…..probably need to change this up. Thanks Dawn for
    some inspiration.

    1. Debbie, I just had mine cut again today, it’s a little shorter on top but basically the same ๐Ÿ™‚ I was ready for a change.

  27. Stunning Hairstyles!! Short hair is always my favorite choice and is a trend these days. Easy to style and no need for high maintenance!!

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