Trim Painted And Shutters Added

Painted Window Trim and Black ShuttersI completed the trim painting and shutter hanging long ago I’m just finally getting around to showing you what it looks like. I purchased expensive paint, Sherwin Williams Emerald, in Analytical Gray and at $100 a gallon I was expecting greatness from it. Well it delivered it was a one coat paint, which was so nice once I finished one window I could move my ladder to the next. I was so afraid it would take several coats and be an all summer project, but I actually did it all in 3 days and that was hanging the shutters too.  

Log Home

Log HomeWe had family staying with us for 3 weeks so when I had a little free time, or they were off visiting other people I headed outside for a little painting. For the second story front I crawled out our bedroom window and did all the painting so I only needed a ladder to reach the other 3 sides. 

Log Home Porch

Log Home

Log HomeI was so hesitant on getting a shutter color in anything other than a neutral. What if I hated it a year down the road and had to get new? So I went on the safe side and went with gray and black, I figured I couldn’t go wrong and they’re timeless colors that I can live with for quite a while without needing a change.

Log Home

Log Home Porch

Log Home PorchI only have the trim to paint on the third story. My ladder wasn’t tall enough so my son is going let me stand in the basket of the lift and bring me up to the correct height to finish painting. I’ve decided no shutters for the third floor, but I’m going to have them on hand just in case I change my mind once the trim is painted. I need to hold them up and take a look before I take the plunge and put shutters up there. 

Painted Window Trim and Black ShuttersI’m so happy to have that project completed and I wish I’d done it long ago, it helps make the exterior not look so plain. I think it really make an improvement in the cabin appearance. 


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  1. Morning, Dawndie! Oh, your shutters look so nice! You did a great job and although that was expensive paint, so glad the one coat worked. So many of the interior paints advertise ‘one coats’ but I’ve never been able to leave a paint job without at least two! I can’t believe you hung the shutters yourself and on the second floor! Your entire place looks so nice and I love all the ferns on your front porch. Hope all is well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

    1. Shelia, when I’m a woman on a mission I get the job done. My hubby comes home and has no idea what he might be walking into. I’ve always been one to do it myself and wait for no man.

  2. I love the shutters and color. Everything looks so pretty! Hugs,

    1. Thank you Sandi I’m so glad I took the plunge and did it. I wish I’d done it sooner.

  3. Good decision Dawn. It looks so nice?

    1. Thank you Melissa I’m very happy with it.

  4. Cheryl Major says:

    Dawn, your shutters look wonderful.
    As far as your expensive paint goes, Here in Northern Ontario, Canada, we have a saying ” You’ll never regret buying good quality “. What big job to have finished .

    1. Cheryl Im so glad I went with the best paint, I wouldn’t have wanted to do 3 coats to cover up the dark brown. It was so worth the expense.

  5. Dawn – Looks great! In all of my remodeling here and in the old home for Tiffany, I have used SW best paint and it has been wonderful. One coat covers and looks so good. The outside paint which I just used on my storage shed looks really good and has a good warranty also. You did a great job! I chuckled at the thought of you hanging out the second floor window painting the shutters! LOL


    1. Judy I’m glad to hear you’ve had good luck with the SW paint too. I’m recommending this stuff to anyone who want to cover in one coat. I went from dark brown to light gray and never believed it could be done.

    1. Thank you Bev I don’t know what took me so long to think up the shutter thing but I’m glad the light bulb finally turned on, lol.

    1. Shirley I agree it was a good decision to add the shutters I wish I’d done it years ago.

  6. Miss Char says:

    Dawn, everything looks so inviting and I like the shutters, the house’s jewelry. Hope your summer is going well, I was down your way earlier this summer for a play. Play wasn’t good but the food was.

    1. Char so glad to hear from you, how are you??? Did you go to Cornewells for the play?

  7. Dawn the cabin shutters look so great. Love that you stayed with a neutral color too. Looks fabulous. How is your sweet dog doing? She looks so peaceful out on the lawn.

    1. Kris thanks for stopping by. The dog is doing great, she actually did a little running today. It’s amazing what an extra week of healing can do, and she’s eating again. I think we can avoid the surgery!

  8. Kathleen G says:

    In awe that you painted the shutters on the roof! Your home looks very complete with the shutters and the colors, perfect! Glad that your beautiful dog is healing and looks happy sitting by her companion:)
    Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen ya never know what I might think up, lol. My hubby just looks the other way. Yes the dog is doing great I don’t think the surgery will be needed.

  9. you did a good job. I love the 3rd picture. I love the angle. I would do the shutters on the third floor at least the one on the side with the deck because right now you just have 2 windows with and then if you did the one on the third floor it would be 3 and for the other side I could see it with and with out. as for the paint it is a good thing that you found it and that it worked with just one coat because if you had to do more then one coat it could have not only cost more but to do a 2nd coat and go up on the ladder would not be fun (I have a fear of heights so I do not go over the 3rd or 4th step). I am glad to see and hear that your dog is doing better. I am sad we have an outside cat that has not come home for 3 days now and do not now what happened to him.

    1. Angela, I hope your cat returns soon. Our barn cats will leave for a month sometimes but they always return, I bet yours will too. I agree I’d hate to paint more than one coat and go up and down the ladder. I will buy the shutters for sure and audition them before putting them up. I’m seriously thinking about putting a faux window on the far side of the house to make it look more proportionate. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen them but you can’t tell they’re not real, from the outside it looks the same as the rest of the windows but would give balance to that side.

      1. no I have not seen any fake windows and that sounds so cool and I think it would balance it out. I hope you are right about my cat. I miss him so much and it was last year the end of June that we had to put our indoor cat to sleep so he is the only cat we have. I am painting our deck and so glad it is cooler this week but it sounds like we are going to get rain this week to but we need it so the painting can wait.

        1. Angela is the first time to paint your deck? Im wondering how well it holds up!

          1. the floor of the deck is new because it was bad. my dad did it last year and this year we put oil exterior primer first then something like this on top Pittsburgh Paints & Stains® Ultra Advanced Solid Color Cedar Wood Stain & Sealant. I am not sure if that is it because when I poured it out it covered it up.

          2. Angie I used a solid color stain on our deck floor too and it didn’t even hold up for a whole year, let me know how yours does. I need to strip ours and do something new at some point. The projects never end!

  10. Diane Smith says:

    Curious…where did you buy your shutters? I’m looking for a great price!

    1. Diane I purchased them at Menards, they had a sale for $9 a pair. I was going to make them but couldn’t beat this price so I bought instead!

  11. I’m a big fan of shutters, Dawn. They add so much to your home. Good job!

    1. Claudia I agree, and I’m not sure what took me so long to figure it out.

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