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Update A Pine Armoire With Paint To Use As Blanket Storage

Pine Armoire, Blanket Storage, Painted Armoire, Green, Log Home

I’ve finally been able to make a few changes in the cabin that have been on my list to do. One of them being getting something new to storage blankets, quilts, and sheets in.  The one I currently have been using is older than the hills. I picked it up at a city wide garage sale many moons ago.  It has served it’s purpose but I was looking for something will a more specific look.

I’d decided to draw up my plans and get them over to our local Amish builder in hopes he’d be able to get to the build before the summer was over.  I happened to mention to a friend at church the piece of furniture I was looking for.  

Well wouldn’t you know it she had a friend that had exactly what I was looking for and was going to list it on the market place.  She texted me a few pictures, I went to look at it and take measurements and it was the perfect find.

Pine Armoire, Blanket Storage, Painted Armoire, Green, Log Home

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So I picked up the armoire, a six drawer dresser, a mirror and bed side tables for $200.  Sold! There was no way I would be able to have that many pieces made for that price. It was exactly what I was lookin for too. Simple pine pieces that I could paint.  

Pine Armoire, Blanket Storage, Painted Armoire, Green, Log Home

As you know I live in a log home and I just don’t need another piece of stained wood furniture.  You can see the photo of what I was using before for blanket storage and how much better the painted pine armoire fits with the cabin. 

I got out my favorite, go to paint color in Sherwin Williams Privilege Green and gave it a couple of coats. Once it dried I noticed I could still see a few of the knots in the pine but I decided to leave it how it was; it looks a little more rustic that way.

Pine Armoire, Blanket Storage, Painted Armoire, Green, Log Home

While I was at it I also donated several blankets, sheet sets, and quilts that I no longer use.  Why keep things if they don’t get put on the bed? They were just taking up room and I’m sure someone else will put them to good use.  I tried to only keep the items that match the colors I decorate with the most or pieces that I’ve made and use only in the winter.  I have a very heavy quilt I made from flannel and I only use that when it’s blustery outside. It’s so heavy I can hardly move under the covers, but it’s wonderful when the temps are below zero.

Pine Armoire, Blanket Storage, Painted Armoire, Green, Log Home

I was the only one home and had no way to get the original cabinet down out of the loft so I decided to get out a big hammer and beat it apart.  Wow, now I know why that piece of furniture was so heavy. It was made from solid oak and it was very old. Lumber just isn’t that thick or heavy today like it was back when this was made.  

Pine Armoire, Blanket Storage, Painted Armoire, Green, Log Home

So it ended up coming down the stairs in pieces and I’m saving all the old lumber to make another project with.  I’m quite happy to have scored so many new pieces that we can make good use out of. 

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  1. This is such a great piece and I love the color you chose. It make great storage for almost anything, perfect to showcase a quilt collection.

  2. What an amazing find, Dawn! It’s perfect for storing quilts and blankets and I love the color green you painted it.

  3. This is a wonderful piece and the colors great!

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