US12 Garage Sale Find – Vintage Quilt #1

The state of Michigan has a garage sale the second weekend in August every year running along US12 the entire length of the state.
This is our second year of going.   Hubby does the driving, and loading of the treasures while I shout out “Garage Sale” when I see a sign.
My eye sight isn’t what it used to be and many of times we had to slam on our breaks to make the turn in time.  Note to self: wear my glasses next year.
Enough about that here is one of the items I scored.
A full size quilt that was hand tied.
 You can see the maker of this quilt saved her sunflower fabric to showcase.
The quilt was made back in the day where every scrap was salvaged and turned into a quilt.
Several of the tiny 1 inch squares had been pieced up to three times so the quilter would have the same fabric in that square.  Now days we are frivolous and throw those tiny pieces away.  It’s sad, many woman back in the day would have made good use of them.
What attracted me most to the quilt was the red ties.  Back then it was probably what the woman had on hand and didn’t want to waste it, but is sure makes the quilt pop.
I did score one other quilt on that trip, so stop back by to see the other beauty.

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  1. So pretty! The sunflower fabric is indeed lovely.
    You are right about how much more we have available and how easily things are discarded. We had another ‘big garbage day’ in our neighbourhood today and the amount of perfectly good items at curbside just shows how quick we are to replace. Lucky for our environment there are lots of people out loading up trucks with scrap metal, bbqs, bikes and furniture. My son was playing road hockey and came home to say he saw a little wood TV cabinet with not a scratch. He is 13 and recognizes when something can be reused. We will use it in our basement TV room.

  2. Dawn
    Wow! That is really a treasure. I’m thinking it will look great in your living room with your mellow yellow accents!
    I like the way you displayed it in front of your real sunflowers.

  3. Dawn, What a great find! I love it displayed in front of your beautiful sunflowers too!
    Hey, just this morning on Good morning America, Lara Spencer and her Mom did that sale. But they said it spans several states! What fun! I would have been right in there too!!!!
    : ) Kris

  4. Looks like a well kept quilt Dawn and one that will go perfectly with that little lampshade you made last week. Great score, thanks for sharing.

  5. That is a marvelous quilt Dawn. I find quilts frequently at estate sales and adore everyone of them. So much time, energy, and every scrape of fabric saved just as you said. hugs, Olive

  6. Dawn, I love the quilt too. I purchased one last weekend at the long garage sale in our area. Do you clean your old quilts after you buy one?

    In answer to your email question, I have had my blog designed for a year but have not started yet? I have been trying to find someone in my area to help me. The technical side is a little beyond me. Thanks for asking.

  7. Oh my goodness, I ADORE this quilt. It’s exactly what I need for my family room. Would you be okay with me making up a pattern for how to make one like it and sharing it on my blog? WIth credit back to you, of course. I have a bunch of fabric scraps and this is just the cheery sort of project I am looking for.

    Let me know! It’s beautiful!


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