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Valentine Candy Heart Mason Jar Printable

Valentine Candy Heart Mason Jar Printable | CreativeCainCabin.comFollowOnFacebookMy Valentine decorating consists of a few printables, and a colorful dining room table, even when I had small children we didn’t do much for this holiday. My oldest has never had a sweet tooth so even candy wasn’t fun to him. I remember as a kid getting things like baseball mitts and new balls for holidays like Valentine’s Day. Funny how I remember those type of gifts but if I got any candy I sure don’t recall it.

I thought this mason jar filled with candy hearts would make a fun printable. You can click the link below to get yourself a copy. It will print as an 8X10 but feel free to pull it into any photo editing program and make it the size that works for you. 

Valentine Candy Heart Mason Jar Printable |CreativeCainCabin.comClick Here to Download & Print the Valentine Candy Heart Mason Jar Printable


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    1. Thank you:) It’s fun to have free art for the holidays.

    1. Thanks Ann believe it or not those are text letter 🙂

    1. Thanks Jennifer nothing better than blue mason jars.

    1. Barbara, you better print this one off then.

    1. Kris, My Valentine decor is minimal and always has been.

  1. Thanks for the cute mason jar! I love mason jars!

    1. Susan I think we all have weakness for mason jars

  2. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Very sweet Dawn..Thanks!

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