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No Bake Valentine Treat Idea

Valentine Treat  Idea | CreativeCainCabin.comHere’s an easy way to take an ordinary cookie wafer and jazz it up for Valentine’s Day! This is a great last minute idea if you need something simple to hand out for treats and the best parts is there’s no baking involved. There’s always kids at my house and it’s fun to have something that looks fancy to hand out. Kids think they’re marvelous and tasty too. They make me look like a fun mom if you know what I mean. Shhh don’t tell them I only used a microwave and that it took just minutes to make, they think it’s gourmet. 

Valentine Treat  Idea | CreativeCainCabin.comFollow Creative Cain Cabin on InstagramAll you need is: Cookie Wafers, Valentine Sprinkles, and Candy Melts. You can make a whole batch in less than five minutes. (BTW you can find everything you need at Walmart)

Valentine Candied Wafers
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  1. Wafers
  2. Sprinkles
  3. Candy Melts
  1. Melt candy in the microwave, dip wafer in, and add sprinkles. Let dry on a wire rack.
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    1. Ann, I quickly packaged them up and sent them on to the kids I didn’t want them hanging around for me to eat. LOL

    1. Shirley, I love easy and don’t need to add any more fat to this body. LOL

    1. Linda they would be perfect for Grands, so easy to do.

    1. Mary Beth, I’ll send them right over 🙂

  1. Yummy treats. I am going to make these along with dipping oreo’s too. I will have to package them off too!!!! I think these will look cute added to the dipped oreo’s I am also making. Have a great Saturday.

    1. Kris, Brilliant idea 🙂 I would rather an oreo any day! But don’t send them my way, my waistline can’t take it. LOL

    1. Thank you Cyndee:) I didn’t even try one, I shipped them off before I was tempted.

    1. I’m all for easy and this fits right in:)

  2. Cheryl Major says:

    What’s not to like ?….the kids are going to love them…Thanks for sharing

    1. Cheryl and they’re so easy for kids to do too.

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