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Valentine Vignette

Since I had my vintage red and white quilt on the dining table for Valentine’s Day, I decided to create a kitchen vignette to extend using the quilt a while longer. I have never decorated much for this holiday so using the red and white things I already had seems liked the perfect solution. Free decorating for the Valentine holiday.
All the items used were either Thrifted, Gifted, or Repurposed. Why buy new when you don’t have to? The vintage apron was from a blogging friend and the dipper was thrifted and it’s something I use every time I make a big pot of soup or chili. It’s the perfect size for a one cup dip.
I reused the muffin tins from my Christmas vignette, and the flour sifter was thrifted. The red bucket of herbs is a start to my Kitchen Herb Garden. Nothing better than fresh herbs this time of year. With all the snow on the ground it is nice to see something alive and green.
The green cabinet was found while junkin, the previous owner used it in his plumbing shop for storage and all I did was clean it up, I love the color and all it’s scratched up charm.  The crochet hot pad was also thrifted, and the darling vintage apron came from a blogging friend. I wear the apron every Thanksgiving when I serve at the Good Samaritan dinner.
 Here’s a view from the loft of my simple, farmhouse vignette. The open design concept is one of the things I love best about our house. No one ever feels singled out in one room with everything being wide open.
I am loving all the red and white right now and enjoying decorating with all my thrifted finds!
Happy Valentine’s Day to all.

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  1. A very pretty farmhouse I might add.I love the red RicRac on the shades and your herbs looks great!

  2. I am so glad you showed a view of your quilt from the loft. I love the quilt and want to make something like it. Now I can really see the design.

    Love your vignette.

  3. Dawn, you know that quilt makes me smile. Love the apron too. I just ironed several vintage aprons. Love them so. xo, olive

  4. I love, love, love that quilt on the table. Did I say LOVE? This is my kind of vignette!! So nice!!
    xo Kris

  5. February seems to be such a happy month. Everyone is decked out in red and white and that makes just about anybody happy. Lovely photos of a cozy home.


  6. What a beautiful site that must be to behold from upstairs. I wish I could look down on my treasures and take photos like that. I’ve always thought it would be so great to have a log cabin. I envision quilts everywhere.

  7. Love your Valentine vignette. The quilt makes everything look so cozy! The tea lights in the muffing tins is such a great idea! Jean

  8. Dawn,
    That quilt is a piece of art. Lovin’ the way it sets the stage for your valentine decor.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  9. Just lovely, Dawn, and so full of charm.

    You obviously must be feeling better! I’m so glad.


  10. So pretty – love all of this! I am incredibly partial to red and white. Thanks again, Dawn, for all of your inspiration! -Tammy

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