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Valentines Breakfast

Here’s a quick and easy Valentines breakfast idea. Layer some of your favorite dinnerware, add a festive table cloth, and  serve a basket of fresh fruit.
Easy and thoughtful, Enjoy!!

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  1. Dawn your photos are simply AMAZING! I love how vivid they are and the mix of colors. What a great simple NO STRESS breakfast idea!

  2. How simple, fun and different…I LOVE it and strawberries!

    Liesl 🙂

  3. Love the red white and yellow together! And I agree w/ Sherri…your photos are simply amazing!

  4. This is so pretty! The red & yellow together are so eye catching.

  5. Yellow and Red, so cheery and fun. Looking forward to some sweet strawberries. Love your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Yum…I love strawberries they are my favorite fruit. I eat them 3-5 times a week. But the best ones always come from our garden. Hugs and smooches and happy wishes for the weekend!

  7. Your photos are gorgeous! I love that little strawberry basket on those pretty yellow plates. So bright and cheery and a perfect for a Valentine’s breakfast!

  8. The strawberries are starting to look pretty good…I almost bought some the last time I was at the grocery. Your plates are so pretty stacked like that. Seems we have no time for a nice breakfast these days. I don’t even have coffee at home anymore. I just wait until I get to school!

  9. That is just so charming, Dawn. Love that color combo, especially those salad plates — I have some just like them! Great minds, right….lol!

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