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Vintage Farmhouse Entryway Light


Rustic Farmhouse Entry Way, Vintage Farmhouse Light Fixture, Painted Green Door, Bench Storage

After 10 years of living with the builder grade boob lights in the entry way their finally being replaced with vintage porcelain farmhouse pendants. I’ve never liked the original fixtures but it’s easy to over look things with time and the entry way was never a huge priority.

Rustic Farmhouse Entry Way

While out shopping every now and again I’d stroll through the light fixture department in hopes of finding something to strike my fancy but that never seemed to happen. It’s just one of those spots that gets put on the back burner while everything else takes precedence.

Replacing the Boob Light

I don’t believe anyone would pick the boob light as a first choice but by the time we got to that stage in the build process I was ready to be done with everything and just move in, so the boob lights happened. And this girl has lived with them long enough until now!

Vintage Porcelain Enamel Farmhouse Light Fixture, Farmhouse Style, Barn Fixtures, Vintage, White Barn Light

Hubby, our electrician, and myself happened to be standing around the kitchen island and our electrician asked what hubby wanted done with the vintage porcelain light fixtures he’d taken down and replaced from a commercial job we’re doing. All of a sudden my ears perked up and I asked what they looked like? I could tell by the look on hubby’s face he wasn’t thrilled.

Rustic Farmhouse Entry Way

He asked our electrician why he had to mention it in front of me; all it would do is make more work for him. Well of course it certainly was. I took one look at those babies and said YES I want them and I know exactly where to put them. Hubby just gave our electrician the look; you know the one the look you give a child when they’re doing something wrong.

Rustic Farmhouse Entry Way, Vintage Farmhouse Light Fixture, Painted Green Door, Bench Storage

I ignored it all completely and started planning in my head how nice the new lights would look; and there FREE how amazing is that? I gave them a good cleaning and after they sat around a few weeks I finally hauled out the stepladder and decided to replace them myself. Well hubby wasn’t having that and took over the project. That’s all I have to do is get things around and act like I’m going to do it and he takes over, lol.

Rustic Farmhouse Entry Way, Vintage Farmhouse Light Fixture, Painted Green Door, Bench Storage

The fixtures had the original sticker on them and it looks like they’re from the 1920’s. I’m so excited to have them hanging in the cabin now and don’t they look so much better than the boob lights? I did happen to mention when we move they’d be moving with us so I kept the old boob lights. The look on hubby’s face said it all. I don’t think he sees my brilliant idea the same way I do. Let just hope when the time comes he has a different attitude, lol.



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  1. I love them. What a score. I like your entrance have never seen it. Your cabin is amazing

    1. Judy, I didn’t realize I’ve never shown the entryway before!

  2. Nice save! They look so nice!!

  3. These are darling! Love your entry!

  4. I love your entry.

    We are gradually replacing the boob lights in our house – 1 left. We used a very similar pendant in our entry and I love it.

    1. Carol, glad to hear I’m not the only one who still has the horrible boob lights in their home, LOL

  5. They look great and you have so much storage in your entry way!!!

    1. Jeanie, yes it’s a big space, 12ft. long and I’m glad we have it. No sense in a coat closet no one here knows how to use a hanger, hooks are the way to go for us.

  6. I had to laugh!! We had a boob light in our mudroom and by golly we had a removal pronto. Haha! Your pendants are beautiful as I have very similar ones I installed over our dining table. Love it!

    1. Larissa, I’m not sure whoever invented those darn ugly lights but they sure are used a lot, LOL

  7. fixing 15 says:

    Your lights are amazing!!!! It is so interesting that you got them for free!!!! I love the look of your entry!

  8. LOVE the new (old) lights! 🙂

    1. Looks like something we had in the chicken coop, their shape reflected light out at a wider angle and if you use a heat lamp bulb it defuse the heat and covered a great area.

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