Vintage Floral Tablecloth

I told you earlier in the week that I had found 2 vintage table cloths at the US12 Garage Sales, and here it the other.
It is square and has a floral and leaf pattern on it.  
 It is in perfect condition an matches my Vintage green Pyrex and my Antibes Green island stools.
The galvanized divider came from a flea market about 15 years ago.  I can’t believe I actually kept it that long.
The table is very old, I purchased it at an auction 20 years ago.  It has been in every room of my house at some point.
All the beautiful veggies are from our local Farmers Market.
My garden isn’t producing enough to keep us stocked up.
Is anyone else obsessed with vintage linens??

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  1. Yes, Yes, and Yes… I am thoroughly obsessed with Vintage Linens. What a Beautiful find!! I think this one has to be my Favorite of the two… Which is saying a lot because I am a HUGE gingham magnet… 🙂
    Lovely pictures.

  2. I love vintage linens, but I only have a few of them. I have 2 hanging from a quilt shelf above our bed.Been on the lookout for more at the thrift shops.

  3. Obsessed I am. Soaking some now in hot water and OxyClean which is my habit. Joe says he never met a woman who stirred her laundry before me. The tablecloth is gorgeous Dawn. I love that galvanized piece on it to. I could play with vintage linens all day. Have a terrific weekend, Olive

  4. Dawn,

    Really pretty post. I love any kind of vintage linens. Your tablecloth is just precious.


  5. I love vintage linens! I don’t have anything in that pretty shade of green!!!!! So pretty!!

  6. I love it. I want to cover it with vintage tea cups.

  7. Yes, Dawn, I love vintage tablecloths too!
    This is a really lovely one.
    It’s unusual, I think, to find one
    with just a single color.
    Are you thinking fall already?
    Your squash are making me think it’s not far away.

  8. So pretty Dawn,wish I had and ole pie safe full of vintage linen,this green is lovely….and the bucket of veggies is so colorful,nothing like a big bunch of freshness,yum!…love all veggies!!

  9. And it’s another lovely tablecloth. You were so lucky to find two of such nice quality & lovely colors.


  10. Hi Dawn – I love the tablecloth. I’ve just spent an enjoyable half hour or so looking through your blog. I love your use of color and your beautiful home.

  11. Just popped over from Kim’s blog and am happy to be a new follower. Love your beautiful home, dawn.

  12. I love all types of linens too but especially tablecloths. My grandmother used tthem when I was growing up. I always thought her house looked so welcoming with pretty tablecloths. Good memories.

  13. Ha…yes I’m totally obsessed. The more vintage or tattered the better. Your tablecloth is the perfect shade of green. You could even use it at Christmas. Happy Sunday!

  14. Cae over from Kim’s. LOVE your kitchen. Now am anxious to tour around your cabin! XO, Pinky

  15. They look lovely next to those veggies! I always enjoy your pics!

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