Vintage LunchBox

Look what Hubby brought me…
A Beverly Hillbillies, 1964 Vintage Lunch Box.
I’m sure most of you wouldn’t be excited with it, but I have a quirky, unique style and this is no ordinary lunch box to me…
When I was a teenager I carried a lunchbox as a purses.  I had several different kinds.
My bestie would roll her eyes every time she saw me sporting a new design.
 I have to tell you, no one every stole my lunchbox purse.  
Hubby hit the nail on the head bringing me this great find.  
It is so ME.
Do you have a unique personality and use objects other than what they were intended for???

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  1. What a sweet surprise! That was a fun show growing up- I can hear Grannie squeaking voice yellin’ now!

  2. I think I’m a “wannabe” quirky person, but I am way too conservative to actually be one. Fond memories of that show. It was pretty darn (durn) funny! That’s a cool find, especially with the thermos, too. Are we going to see that lunchbox next Wednesday with one of your adorable outfits? LOL!
    xo, Carol

  3. I love that! I totlly love the Beverly Hillbillies 🙂

  4. How totally sweet of your hubs to find something that he knew you’d like! OK, I’m going to date myself by telling you this. I remember when the first show came on TV. I was in elementary school and everyone was talking about it the next day. Still remember all the words to the song, too!

  5. That was so stinkin cute, how sweet of your hubby. Not sure about my quirks, I have too many to speak of LOL~

  6. Linda Hughes says:

    We would get to a checkout at a store and Dawn would plop her lunch Pail purse on the counter, open it, even the clerk is looking at her going what the heck. (is she gonna pay or eat her lunch first) Then she’d pull out her wallet and pay… You always liked the shock look on people’s face.. I may have rolled my eyes then, but now i wouldn’t trade it for anything.. Thank u for the funny memories.. Love u!

  7. Oh-what fun! I never carried one as a purse but I carried them as lunchboxes. I sooo remember this one! What fun! I loved Linda’s little story! xo Diana

  8. This is awesome. I LOVED the Beverly Hillbillies. I can still sing their theme song without missing a word! This was a great purchase. I think the lunchboxes are more valuable if the thermos is included. (I learned this from watching Pawn Stars!) Yours looks pristine. Really fun and meaningful since it came from your husband. I gotta go…I have a million things to do and here I am messing around on the computer. Have a great weekend Dawn!

  9. What a great find Dawn. And how sweet of hubby to get that just for you. I love it. I saw you sporting it in your WIWW post too!
    : ) Thinking of you.

  10. What a great find, with the thermos too! I remember carrying a lunch box to school.I think I had a Holly Hobby one; too bad we didn’t save those things from back then! 🙂

    Have a great day

  11. That’s great! And I love how you used them as a purse. I’m new to your site and really enjoy it.

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