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Vintage Rolling Laundry Cart


Vintage Rolling Laundry Cart, Line Drying Laundry, Country Life, Log Cabin Living, Rustic Log Home, Homestead

Here’s a little background on my vintage laundry cart: I picked it up at a flea market about 10 years ago and have never found the right place for it. I know the most obvious way to use it is for laundry but it’s been everything from a plant stand to pillow storage. Just this week I decided to use it for what it’s intended. The large wire basket lifts off the top and I can fill it with laundry, plop it in the base, and roll it over to the line on our deck. Well what do you know it works perfectly!

Vintage Rolling Laundry Cart, Line Drying Laundry, Country Life, Log Cabin Living, Rustic Log Home, Homestead

It’s been primer gray all these years but I’m thinking maybe it’s time for a mini paint makeover. I’ll have to look through my spray paint and see what I can come up with. My go to is always back but I’m leaning more towards a green like I have on our kitchen island. What do you think?

Vintage Rolling Laundry Cart, Line Drying Laundry, Country Life, Log Cabin Living, Rustic Log Home, Homestead

After my last post it seemed to be unanimous everyone still is looking forward to reading blogs despite the virus. I’ll have to admit it may become a little less eventful, not as many pretty décor pics, but I will try and fill you in on the simple things I’m doing around the cabin to keep myself  busy. I must say I’m very grateful for everything I do have and I hope spending a little time here will get your mind of our nations situation, even for just a little while.  

Vintage Rolling Laundry Cart, Line Drying Laundry, Country Life, Log Cabin Living, Rustic Log Home, Homestead

I’m not a TV watcher but I have kept myself occupied with cooking and baking. We are going through more food with everyone being home for 3 meals a day. I’m used to only making one and then I have whatever is left over for lunch the next day.

Vintage Rolling Laundry Cart, Line Drying Laundry, Country Life, Log Cabin Living, Rustic Log Home, Homestead

I’ve made homemade bread, here is my easy recipe, and it’s only 4 ingredients so you shouldn’t have to make a trip to the store for anything. I also baked my hubby’s favorite cookies, oatmeal raisin. This morning I roasted a chicken, one of the meat chickens I raised, and made white chicken chili for dinner and we’ll use the rest for chicken quesadillas sometime during the week. Then I plopped the carcass, spices, and water into the Instantpot to make broth. I’m more mindful of using everything up and not wasting food right now.  And of course the never ending pile of laundry that we seem to have in this house.

Vintage Rolling Laundry Cart, Line Drying Laundry, Country Life, Log Cabin Living, Rustic Log Home, Homestead

I know this all seems trivial but it is what my life consists of right now. I think I’ll keep an ongoing daily diary to let you all know what I’m doing with my time everyday and post it in with my regular Sunday and Wednesday post.  I’d really enjoy you leaving a comment and telling me what you’re doing to keep busy. Prayers, Safety, and Good Health to all!

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  1. Margaret Shipley says:

    love that laundry cart. yes to the green paint!

    1. Margaret thanks for the thumbs up on the green!

  2. Yes, I love that green paint color! More cooking is equaling more pounds. Some nicer days coming weather wise for us in Michigan, so plan on doing some outdoor work soon. I enjoy your blog posts regardless if something is going on or not. It’s like a friend has just dropped in!

    1. Linda, Girl I’m telling you I am going to be fat as ever. I have to quit eating everything I cook. I was outside today getting the chicken coop ready, it was so nice it actually felt hot at times LOL. Thank you for being so sweet, come back on Sunday for another boring update.

  3. Cheryl Major says:

    green would be awesome for the cart colour. For me , being stuck at home 24/7 has its challenges and a couple of upsides. I had a full schedule prior to the virus and so running non stop daily with so many appointments for my kids and activities etc. I have to say that it is a nice breather to have the schedule cleared. My kids appointments still happen only via phone & teleconference. It is nice to get up and remind your self that you have no ware to go and no one is coming over. The cooking and cleaning is totally another matter…dang those kids can eat 🙂 The date now for the kids to return to school is May 4th …time will tell.
    Keep your posts coming…I finally have some leisure time to read them. Stay safe Dawn !

    1. Cheryl, I think green it is then! I’ve noticed the same thing with everyone home they eat a lot, LOL. I guess at least I know everyone is safe. We also have had doctor visits via the phone. It seems crazy they can prescribe meds without even seeing ya, but it was much more convenient. Prayers everyone is healthy and check back in soon!

  4. I love your laundry cart. Green would be very nice. I’m so happy the bloggers are still posting. Seems to be the only normal thing in our life right now. Your my favorite blogger. Look so forward to your posts. Stay safe Dawn.

    1. Judy, Stay safe also, I sure worry about everyone if I don’t hear from you. I will post on Sunday what I’ve been doing and try to keep up with the blog. It was 50 here today and I was outside most of the day, that sure felt good.

  5. I’m still working everyday which is both a blessing and an annoyance. There are only three people in the office where I work and we’re all very good about keeping distances, washing hands and we’re not accepting any visitors at this time. I’ d love to have some time off but it’s probably best that I’m still able to work and keep my mind off of things. I love your laundry cart! I think green would be cute! Can’t wait to see what you’re planting in your garden this year!

    1. Diane, Yes you are lucky to be working and it’s nice to have coworkers respecting the boundaries of social distancing. It’s hard to find enough things to do all day to stay busy but I am finding by writing down what I’m doing and sharing it with you all it makes me see I really am finding things to do. It was 50 here today so I was outside most of the day getting the chicken coop ready. It was nice to take my mind off things for a while. I planted tomato and peppers inside this week, so I’m gearing up for gardening season.

  6. I really enjoy reading your posts, so please keep them coming.
    I work in the healthcare field. I am a medical assistant, so still going to work everyday. We are doing mostly virtual visits now in the offices, but might be moved to hospital setting depending on how bad it gets here in Ohio. If it does get bad, they are training everyone to work in hospitals where help is needed the most.
    Everyone stay safe and stay home. God bless.

    1. Theresa, Oh thank you so much that’s so sweet to hear 🙂 How scary for you, my DIL is in the medical profession too and she’s fearful of going to work. They don’t have enough masks or gowns to wear. Please stay safe and check back in on Sunday I’ll like to hear how your doing. God Bless!

  7. Green is a great color …Ventured to the grocery store and people were wearing winter gloves and covers over their faces. Nobody was talking but very courteous about social distancing! Shelves were pretty bare where there is usually an abundance! It was very eerie! I had my list and was out in 15 minutes! Stay safe and healthy everyone!

    1. Jeanie, Thanks for the thumbs up on the green color! I’m just starting to see the glove and mask wearing around here. Yes the shelves are also bare and I agree it’s a vary uneasy feeling. It’s hard to believe we are in a country where this could happen. If feels so unlike America, sadly. I’m very blessed to have what we need on hand. People are already breaking into stores, houses, and cars around me stealing things. That’s scary too. Thanks so much for checking in, and I’ll be giving an update on what I’m doing on Sunday to keep busy!

  8. Debbie Lorson says:

    Hi Dawn: You are like my clone in another state. I am so not a TV watcher rather a reader. People think me odd. Like you I have been cooking up a storm and baking. I have always cooked every night but with added time I am trying different recipes. Green on your cart will be cute. I am in Missouri and it seems that this winter has been the longest one with sun every two weeks. I am ready to paint my she shed and plant onion sets but the ground is wet and cold. I thoroughly enjoy your blog as it is more homey than many where they seem to be constantly trying to one up on the blog scene. Thanks for a nice break from the virus news!! Happy Hoppy Easter to you and your family.

    1. Debbie, Ha-ha, glad to hear you are my twin 🙂 That makes me happy. I’ve always been told I’m unique, which means I’m strange, lol. Who cares, right? I’m thankful our weather has made a turn for the better even though it will backslide from time to time before it’s consistently nice. I’m ready to plant my onions too and I do have some seeds started in the house and have added more since this post. Stay safe and I’ll talk with you soon!

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