Vintage Sheets on the Line

 It finally reached 60 here the sun is shining and the sky is blue.
 It’s a great day to take advantage of line drying a few vintage sheets
and pillow slips.
Nothing smells better than sheets dried outside.

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  1. Oh, I totally agree! I love to dry sheets outside. Your vintage ones remind me of those I grew up with and how fun it was to get new sheets from time to time. I am wishing I’d kept all of mine from early in our marriage despite them being full size instead of queen.


  2. I love the smell of sheets fresh off the cloths line! However the birds building their nests in nearby trees have kept me from hanging any out yet. Learned my lesson last year!

  3. I agree, I love the smell of linens dried outside. You just can’t beat the old soft smooth cotton of vintage pillowcases. They are my favorites! Jean

  4. When my mother in law passed away one of the things we kept were the vintage sheets she had to the spare room we used to stay in. They had style and character compared to their modern counterparts. Love laundry drying on the line too, but alas no can do here.

  5. Love your vintage sheets, so mad at myself for giving ours away. The patterns are so pretty and happy. Being older sheets I imagine they’re very soft to the touch. The pillow slips are so pretty also, love feel of them on a hot summer night. Do people still embroider things on pillow slips?
    I’m so grateful I can line dry our laundry. On sheet changing day I hang them out and they dry in no time as we usually have a great breeze. They smell so good when I’m putting them on the bed I have to hold them up to my nose, it’s like heaven.
    Love to see the sheets blowing in the wind. Wind blows so hard here they come off the line so I have to keep an eye on them. Many times they’re dry by the time I get thru hanging all the laundry.
    When we moved into our place one of first things I had hubs do was get the clothes lines up. I miss hanging out in the winter but too cold here (west of Grand Junction, CO) to hang out. Its stayed nice enough into Nov. last year to hang some things. Happy Days Enjoy your beautiful sheets and pillow slips.

  6. Love laundry day tho laundry day is everyday here;) I hung out clothes today to!! My little ones love the smell of the sheets when I was them each week:) Kids even at school smell my kids shirts as they say they smell so good:)I even hang out sheets in the winter and boy that smells soooo nice!!

  7. oh how lovely….i wish i had a line!!! HOA wont let us have on

  8. They are so pretty!
    You’re right, there is nothing like
    the smell of sheets that have been
    hung on the outdoor clothesline.

  9. What ever happened to pretty sheets that actually felt good to sleep on like those hanging on your clothesline? I don’t think they sell them anymore! I’ve been using my clothesline and/or inside racks to dry all of my clothes for the past six months or so. No comparison! I love how the sheets smell, and also how flat and wrinkle free they turn out when they dry in the breeze! Makes you want to be a little girl again and just run back and forth under the sheets LOL!

  10. Hi Dawn! I’m so glad you have some warmer temps and I love your pretty linens hanging on the line. I haven’t had a clothesline in so long! I kinda miss it too. Thanks for popping in to see Edra.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

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