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Vinyl House Numbers

Vinyl House Numbers Made With A Silhouette

On a whim I decided to add our house numbers to the front door. Where I live not many people display their house numbers, for one the homes are back from the road far enough you can’t see a house number and secondly we live in such a small community everyone knows each other and house numbers aren’t a must.

Vinyl House Numbers Made With A Silhouette

But I decided it was more for decorative purposes than anything else, so I got out my Silhouette machine and black vinyl and did a little crafting. I only use the machine about once a year but it does come in handy for projects like this. Next thing I need to do is paint the door handle on the storm door. When we purchased it the only color choice was gold. I’m not fond of it at all so I’m going to spray paint it. Do you think I should go with black to match the other doors handle or silver to match the light fixture?

You can see how I’ve been using some of the ferns I picked up at Home Depot. Notice how huge they are? I decorated all 3 porches (post to follow) only using the ferns and I’m quite happy with how it looks. I think all the greenery makes the look cohesive (also they’re easy to maintain, which is what I like.)


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  1. Love love the numbers. I would go for black.

    1. Nancy thanks for the vote and have a great weekend!

  2. I go for black for the door handle. The numbers look great.

    1. Janie it looks like black is everyone’s pick so far.

  3. I would go black too for the door handle.

  4. Oooh, I really like the storm door! Our house interior was so dark and one of the things we did was to add a storm door to let some light in. Not sure I could live in a house without one! The placement of your house numbers is perfect. I never would have thought of that location on the door but it looks super nice.

    1. Diane I couldn’t find anywhere else to put them where they could be seen, but I like the placement too.

  5. The numbers look great! I vote for black on the door handle.

  6. Love the numbers! It adds so much to the door. I would go black on the handle in my humble opinion.

    1. Debbie thank you so much and black is the winner 🙂

    1. Shirley I will have to post about the ferns earlier next year.

  7. We have similar doors..lol.. I too have the gold and its not looking great either. I vote black too.

    1. Melissa mine is starting to look pitted so it’ time for spray paint to the rescue.

  8. I love your numbers – I might paint some on our door.

    I’d go with the black.

    1. Carol that would be a great project to paint them. Im not that good with free hand so vinyl was for me.

  9. I love that Dawn. You did a really nice job. I like it when address numbers are where you can see them 🙂

    Also I’d go with paining the handle black, it might match the other door handle but it will match the numbers as well, so my vote is back.

    Anyway, nice job, I like it 🙂


    1. Thank you Elizabeth yes I think I will go with the black!

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