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Virgin Diet Sweet & Salty Salad Recipe

Virgin Diet Salad Recipe | CreativeCainCabin.comHappy Sunday and Happy Mother’s Day to everyone 🙂 I’m sharing a favorite salad creation of mine today. To back peddle a little… remember the post about me becoming allergic to pizza? Well after some extensive research I figured out I was having several food sensitivities because I am in the beginning stage of menopause. Lovely right? I had a long talk with my chiropractor and made an appointment with a bioidentical hormone replacement doctor all to learn it’s pretty normal and I just needed to eliminate several foods from my diet and I should be fine.

After a lot of surfing the web, I found the Virgin Diet, and it sounded exactly like what was happening to me so I downloaded the book to my ipad. Another thing I said I would never do, I love to hold an actual book, but I was desperate and didn’t want to drive 40 minutes in search of the book. I wanted to start reading right away, so I did the unthinkable I hit the download button.  

I have eliminated all the trigger foods from my diet for 3 weeks now and so far no itchies from food. And also I lost 10 pounds….it’s worth it just for that reason. So for those of you who have inquired about my pizza allergy, I have given it up completely and have no plans to return to eating dairy or gluten, both things that are in pizza. 

To get back to the post, I created this “Virgin Salad” and I’m addicted to it. Give it a try when you have a sweet and salty craving.

Sweet & Salty Virgin Diet Salad
Serves 2
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  1. 10 organic brussel sprouts
  2. 1/2 organic honeycrisp apple
  3. 4 strips of farm raised bacon
  4. 2 T pecan pieces
  1. In a dry cast iron pan add brussel sprouts cut in half, and bacon cut into small bite size pieces. Cook over medium heat until bacon is crisp. Dice apple into bite size piece. Add apple to the bottom of a bowl, add bacon and brussel sprouts next, top with pecans. Toss and serve.
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  1. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Looks yummy Dawn..Happy Mother’s Day!!!

  2. Hi Dawn,
    That salad sounds so yummy. That is the one thing I am craving since my stomach surgery is a good salad. I cannot wait to try this. Glad you figured out some of the foods to avoid so you feel better. Happy Mom’s Day.

    1. Kris, I get tired of just lettuce salad so this is a new twist.

  3. I will have to look for the book.

    I try to stay away from bread, but I love cheese. It is hard enough to give up my very favorite – bread!

    1. Carol, I love cheese too but it’s not worth having side effects so I am staying away.

    1. Jane, who’d of thought the big “M” was so difficult to figure out 🙁

  4. I don’t eat meat but will try this the next time I get the fake stuff. Definetly like changing up the veggies I eat. Really curious about why you named it Virgin salad.

    1. Shirley, it follows the rules of from the virgin diet plan.

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