Water Well Leak

Digging up the wellWe have a leak! While mowing the yard I noticed standing water around our well head. Here in the country we have our own water well nothing is supplied by a city service. Hubby happened to be home so I quit mowing and had him come out and look. Sure enough we have a leak.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 3.40.29 PMThe boys were out riding the RZR and popping wheelies, all of a sudden I heard a crash and ran out to see. Two boys were laying in the grass and they’d crashed into the well. I phoned hubby when it happened and he said not to run any water until he came home to inspect the situation. At that time he could find nothing wrong but assumed something had shifted and only time would reveal the leak. Well that time is now there’s definitely damage done. 

Digging up the well

IMG_0631I had just been out spraying for weeds 2 days prior to finding the leak so it hadn’t been doing it for long. Hubby thought he was going to have a relaxing weekend but that didn’t happen he had to dig it up and replace what was broken. I had just said to hubby a few days before that the well head was ugly and I needed to find a way to cover it up. I’m glad I hadn’t started on that project only to have it all moved. This is making me think maybe I should just leave it alone and deal with it’s ugliness. 

RZRHere I was the stupid mom out photographing the boys, I know it’s dangerous the way they ride but they are adults and I can’t keep my thumb on them all their lives. You know that saying “boys will be boys” well it’s true they think up the darndest things. Even though they crashed, and thankfully no one was hurt, they thought it was a great time and laughed all the while. Just another day around our cabin…..


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  1. Kathleen G says:

    I hope your husband fixed the leak without any issues. Backbreaking work, digging. Dawn, you’re a great mom and our adult children and even when they were minors can do some not so good safety things, I know.
    Everything looks green out there in Michigan!
    What a beautiful Shepherd you have too.
    Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen the well is fixed and it was only a small expense. Yes we are very green and warm here in Michigan.

    1. Linda hubby fixed it quickly once he dug it up but of course we had family coming in that day to stay for 3 weeks and I was fearful we’d have no water.

    1. Shirley I guess I was being stupid in letting it happen but you know how they just do it without asking or thinking.

  2. Thank you for keeping it real! =}

  3. It’s always something.. Glad all went well. Great job of the photo your sons and yes thankfully no one was hurt.?

    1. Melissa I agree the fix it stuff never ends.

  4. I feel your pain, Dawn! We haven’t had any problems with our well at our current house (knock on wood), but when we lived in NM, the pump on our well went out, and it cost a lot of money to fix, and we were without water for 2 weeks.
    Hope yours is fixed now and it didn’t cost a fortune!

    1. Angie luckily my hubby fixed it for a little over $100 and within hours of digging it up. There’s never a dull moment at our place.

  5. Boys will be boys for sure…why is their having fun always costing us money ?!…I guess you have to laugh or else you would cry.

    1. You’re right Cheryl they do cost us money. Luckily hubby fixed it for a little over $100.

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