Watercolor Garden Themed Bookmarks – Download and Print

Watercolor Garden Themed Bookmarks to Download and Print

Good day, All! It’s a hot and humid day here in Michigan. I’ve spent some time out in the garden and on the front porch reading; and that was the inspiration for the bookmarks I’ve created. I know not everyone still reads books the old fashioned way. You know actually holding a book and turning the pages, but for those of you who do I thought you might like a few summer watercolor bookmarks to download and print.

I laminated mine and that’s just because I have a laminator in the office. I also print on card stock paper; bright white. Wether you laminate or not I recommend using the card stock paper. Since bookmarks don’t get abused, you will get many months of use out of these.

They also make for a thoughtful gift for all your book reading buddies, or just drop one in a card, mail to someone, and brighten their day. Or heck keep them all for yourself if you want.

Watercolor Garden Themed Bookmarks to Download and Print

Here’s what your’ll need:
One sheet of 8.5X11 white card stock
Paper cutter or scissors
Laminator (optional)

Just click on the DOWNLOAD button labeled WATERCOLOR GARDEN BOOKMARKS below and a new page will open up in your browser for you to download and print. Feel free to share the link as many times as you want it’s all FREE. Enjoy!


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  1. Dawn, I love these bookmarks! They are adorable! Thank you!

    1. Thanks Linda, pass them on to someone who’s a big book reader. 🙂

  2. Hi Dawn

    Have not seen a blog post of yours in months. Im hoping you and your family are doing well. Sure do miss ya.
    Keeping you in my prayers.

    1. Judy, thank you for the prayers, I’m still in need. I had to take a mental break as well as a blog break. I’m back at it now again and working on some fall things. I do believe the blog will be even simpler and homier than it is now. I did a big decor purge so I don’t have much to work with any longer. Sure hope you still stick around my friend 🙂

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