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Watercolor Painting For Depression and Anxiety

Watercolor Bookmarks, Easy, Rustic, Winter Scenes

I’ve found a new hobby that’s keeping me busy.  It’s watercolor paintings.  I’ve never tried this before and as you can see I’m no artist, YET. But I am trying to learn new things and get better.

Watercolor Bookmarks, Easy, Rustic, Winter Scenes

You all know I’ve been struggling with depression and anxiety and to help with that I started painting. I must say while I’m painting my mind is occupied and I’m not thinking thoughts of doom and gloom. 

Watercolor Bookmarks, Easy, Rustic, Winter Scenes

I know everything I paint seems to look alike but I’m only painting for myself and I’m painting what I’m attracted to.  Right now that seems to be winter barn and pine tree scenes. 

Watercolor Bookmarks, Easy, Rustic, Winter Scenes

I don’t see myself as a painter of flowers, but that may change. I am leaning more towards landscapes with minimal detail.  Maybe as I get better my style will change. Even when I scroll through Pinterest looking for things to paint I’m attracted to old barns.

Watercolor Bookmarks, Easy, Rustic, Winter Scenes

I’ve found a few YouTube tutorials that have been helpful but more than anything I think practice is where I learn the most.  I did know I needed to purchase good watercolor paints and paper right from the get go.  The cheaper paints and paper actually make painting a struggle and sometimes to the point of giving up.

Watercolor Bookmarks, Easy, Rustic, Winter Scenes

So I forged ahead and picked up professional watercolors, expensive paper and a few good brushes.  I’m very happy with all of it and I find I’m painting most every day.

Watercolor Bookmarks, Easy, Rustic, Winter Scenes

I started out by painting the mini 3X3 scenes and then tried my hand with a few bookmarks. I always need more bookmarks it seems and now I smile every time I see one marking a page in my Bible.

Watercolor Bookmarks, Easy, Rustic, Winter Scenes

I encouraged hubby to OH and AH over my work so I could get a good laugh.  He said they all look alike, lol.  I told them all artists have a unique style and he’s clearly keyed in on my style and could identify my work anywhere. LOL

Watercolor Bookmarks, Easy, Rustic, Winter Scenes

My tiny paintings sure aren’t perfect but the time I spend with them is bringing me a moment of joy that I desperately need. 

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  1. I think you are doing an outstanding job! I love the simplicity of your paintings. I’m glad you found something that is helping you deal with your anxiety. Keep trusting God! He can get you through it!!

  2. Addie Caruso says:

    I love your paintings…they are so calming and relaxing to me.

  3. I agree that your pictures are calm and relaxing. They seem to capture those quiet, moments when we remember there is still so much beauty in the world and God is still good. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  4. Your paintings are beautiful! They remind me of my childhood when things were less chaotic and more tranquil. Especially the red barn with the lower section on the side. Thank you so much for sharing your work and spreading a little peace.

  5. penney helms says:

    I am also calmed by just viewing your work. Congratulations on working through this process and know others are with you.

  6. Dawn-I could never tell that you are a newby at water colors-so pretty!
    This is an art I’d like to try too. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Grace Thomas says:

    don’t apologize for them. watercolor is hard to do and you’re doing a fantastic job. if I saw them at a place for sale, I’d snap them up,

    1. I would too. They are gorgeous.

  8. Christine says:

    I so enjoyed viewing ur artistic abilities.

  9. Beautiful work Dawn! You should seriously consider starting an Etsy shop – your work is that good! I too live in a log cabin, (in Texas) and I always look forward to your newsletter updates. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  10. I love them….so pretty!

  11. Thank you for sharing. I think they are all beautiful. Peaceful & calming….

  12. Let us know when you offer them for sale, have your first showing at an art gallery, and are featured in the news! They are all fantastic. I’m a sucker for winter scapes and ANYTHING with a barn, but these are just gorgeous. Enjoy your new-found talent!

  13. You are an artist! I love and appreciate watercolors and your paintings are beautiful. I did watercolors YEARS ago and haven’t picked up a brush in years. If I could paint as well as you, I’d be selling these.

  14. They are very inspiring, Dawn! Glad they are theraputic for you because you’re a natural!

  15. Dawn, your talent is a gift from God! I too deal with anxiety and depression. I have always felt great joy when I paint! I haven’t done it in two years because I lost my confidence and have some health issues too. Your email of 1-10-21 has inspired me to go after it and to not be discouraged by current events. I love your work and I see uniqueness in each piece as well as joy! I can’t wait to show a friend of mine! She paints small pieces also and il amazed at your dexterity!

    Many thanks!

  16. cheryl Major says:

    Dawn, you are very talented. I love all your paintings. You should sell them .

  17. Love this post! So true and more people should know about art therapy 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  18. I’ve been dealing with depression, and anxiety, for most of my life. I’m new to watercolors, and you inspire me.

    Thank you.

  19. I love your paintings. I too took the hobby up to cope with my illness. I am glad I am not alone in this journey. If you have a fb site I would love to connect to share my work with you.

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