Waterlogue Wednesday

Waterlogue WednesdayWaterlogue WednesdayI can’t believe it’s Wednesday again already. The week has blown by me, it seems like I’m at baseball games, working the concession stand, cooking or cleaning the majority of the time. Our town is very small, population 1,000, so to find schools in our league to play sports against is challenging. Most of our games are a 2 hours drive one way just to play. That sure tires a girl out….I do know one day it will all come to a halt and my kids will move on so I keep up the pace and do everything I can for them while their still home. Plus baseball is my favorite sport to watch and photograph.

It seems I didn’t take as many iphone photos this week as I normally do so my selection was more limited, but here are some of my favorites. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you sometimes get sneak peeks of my Waterlogued photos. If you’re new to “Waterlogue Wednesday” welcome 🙂 this is the place you can find the photos I take during the week and waterlogue with the App “Waterlogue“. It’s a fun way to turn your ordinary, everyday photos into works of art, it also can make a blurry or bad photo look good. How fun right? 

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  1. I don’t what it is about April, but I feel like like I am getting further and further behind in my blogging, housework and projects. I need to take a day and spend it just reading blogs .

    Love your waterlogue photos.

    1. Carol, I feel like I get behind too once the weather is a bit nicer. I think everyone understands and you will get caught back up soon. I find it hard to get posts around lately, I am always at a game or something school related.

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