Waterlogue Wednesday

ednesday using the Waterlogue Appednesday using the Waterlogue AppIt’s Waterlogue Wednesday again, the day that I show off the photos I take with my iphone and then use the Waterlogue App to create beautiful watercolors. This week has been a hodge podge of photos, most of my week has been spent at baseball games and I think some allergies are kicking in and I’m not quite up to par. I love to take pics ever day but with my nose runny constantly it takes the fun out of it all. I am just plain exhausted these days.

Do you all remember me telling you about my 94 year old gram, soon to be 95? Well she joined a fitness center and is spending 3 days a week working out. I filled the paperwork out for her, she is considered legally blind, and when I got to the part that asked what type of personal trainer she wanted her answer was, “Young and Rich”, I said to her, you may as well throw in good looking while you’re at it Gram. She also asked if the paperwork wanted to know if she was pregnant. I got a good laugh out of it all, she’s a hoot. I am taking my camera today to the gym in hopes of snapping a few pics while she is on the machines. I stand by waiting to mover her from machine to machine. When you’re blind it’s not easy to navigate a big fitness center and I fear she may push the wrong button on the treadmill and cause it to throw her off the back of it. We don’t need anymore injuries like the last one (a broken hip). 

Anyone else using the Waterlogue App and getting addicted? I think it’s the best app out there for the price.

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  1. Your grandmother is a hoot! Your pictures are so pretty Dawn. I hope your cold does not last. Drink some ginger tea 🙂

    1. Dee, yes she is… I have some fresh ginger in the freezer I will have to give it a go. I am now running a fever too 🙁

  2. crafty grandma says:

    Love your waterlogue pics! Makes me want to go out and buy the phone just to get the app. God bless your grandmother she sounds like she knows how to have a good time! Reminds me of my mamie at her 90th b’day she got up and danced with her doctor (she was legally blind too) and even did a boogie! Unfortunately, she fell about 2 weeks later and broke her hip and did not survive the operation.. Take care of her and enjoy every minute spent with her! sending her big hugs!

    1. Yes my Gram is a stitch, she also broke her hip in March but is doing great and keeping up a good pace. We were so lucky she survived it, I think she feels she needs to stay around and take care of us all.

  3. Wow, loving all the images, I have yet to buy the App, but perhaps I should just give in and buy it?

    1. Marie, you will be addicted if you purchase it. It’s so fun and forgiving. You can turn a bad photo into a work of art.

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