Wednesdays Outfit

Going to the Chiropractor
Green Blouse – Macys
White Cardigan – Coldwater Creek
Denim Trousers – Coldwater Creek
 Yellow Belt – Target
Yellow Bag – Miche – Thrifted
Yellow Sandals – Naturalizer
Necklace – Made by me
Earrings – Made by me
Bracelet – Made by me
Fridays Outfit
 Golfing today
 Yellow Cardigan – TJMaxx
Green T – Lands End
Yellow Shorts – TJMaxx
 Hair Clip – Flea Market
 Yellow Bag – Miche – Thrifted
Sandals – Born
Necklace – Made by me
Earrings – Made by me
Saturdays Outfit
 Extreme Couponing Today
Peasant Blouse – Made by me
Blue Cardigan – Lands End
Black Shorts – Chicos
Black Bag – Miche
Wedge Sandals – Coldwater Creek
  Necklace- Made by me
Earrings – Claires
Ring – Forever 21

Sundays Outfit
Extreme couponing today
 White T – Lands End
Lime Green Paisley Cardigan – TJMaxx
Pink Skirt – Lands End

Pink Flower Pin – Made by me

White Bag – Miche
Pink Sandals – Naturalizer

Necklace – Made by me
Earrings – Made by me

Mondays Outfit

Golfing today!
Purple Cardigan – Kohls
White Tank – Coldwater Creek
Denim Crops – Coldwater Creek

Hair Clip – Flea Market

White Bag – Miche
White Sandals – Naturalizer

Necklace – Peebles
Earrings – Made by me

Tuesdays Outfit

Going to the library, then have my hair done, then see my BFF.

Dress – Thrifted and Refashioned
Orange Cardigan – Lands End

Turquoise Bag – Miche
Orange Sandals – Target

Necklace – Kohls
Earrings – Claires
Ring – Flea Market

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    Love all these great looks,you really know how to pull it together,gurl!

  2. I love your thrifted dress paired with the orange cardigan. That pop of color is so welcomed and unexpected. Looks great.

    I deleted my other comment because of a typo…sorry about that 🙂

  3. Always a treat! Love your pink and greens together. One of my favorite color combos. Golfing eh? I need to get out do more of that. I even have my own clubs! Just don’t have much time!

  4. Hi Dawn!
    I love how you accessorize so well. I always love your shoes too! Golfing, what fun!! I really want to do that with our girls as they get older. I’ve only been a few times but I loved it!
    Have a great day!

  5. Good Morning Dawn, ove all of the outfits this week, you really make me want more cardis.

    I have visited Lands End lots in the past few weeks

    I am going to try to get your flowers made today, going to try to dye them myself

  6. You look amazing…the chiro and couponing? Wow, you are by far the best dressed!!

  7. Love your creative talents. You look great in the blue it is amazing. Another that I really liked was the orange. You do beautiful work not just the jewelry but putting it all together with an outfit.
    I am following you via the WW blog hop. Please follow me.

  8. Yet another beautiful colorful week! I love pink and green!

  9. Wow! Love the way you wear color so well. And looks like you’re incredibly talented too.:)

  10. You have an absolutely adorable style. I wish I could put together outfits like that and I LOVE your jewelry!

  11. Super cute! I love them all, I really like the black shorts.

    Glad you got out to golf, it’s finally nice! My brother is a golfer, he’s always trying to get me and my daughter out to try it!

    Take care…Jodi

  12. As usual, you’re lookin’ awesome every day! Thanks again for the inspiration (I need some of those Chico black shorts.. perfect!). Have a great remainder of the week. -Tammy

  13. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE your style! Classic and colorful…truly beautiful. Your jewelry designs are awesome too…what an inspiration you are to me. Thank you. Teresa in NWI

  14. I love your style and your hair is super cute!!!

  15. Love your necklace with Saturday’s outfit–the wire flowers!

  16. ohmyword, i love your style! i kept wanting to choose a favorite outfit but i couldn’t! so very cute! thanks for linking up!

  17. I KNOW I have said this before…but you are too cute! I had this exact same dress from Target and got rid of it….you make me really regret that decision.

  18. I love the looks! You’ve inspired me to go shopping in my closet to see what I can mix and match. I’ve been in a slump lately with trying decide what to wear. Can’t wait to go home and dig. Thanks!
    I really do love love love the outfits!

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