Weight Loss Part #2 My Meal Planner and Favorite App

Fresh Fruit, Vegetables, Bread, Cheese, and Jam From the Farmers Market If you missed part #1 in my weight loss journey start here. Today I want to share with you how I solved some of the issues I have when it comes to sticking with a weight loss program. First off for me weight loss is 100% mental, if I don’t set my mind up to loose weight I fail every time. So here’s what I do on a weekly basis.


  1. I only weigh myself once a week and document the number using the App My Fitness Pal.
  2. Make out a weekly menu (you can print my meal planner below) and log what I eat into My Fitness Pal.
  3. Make enough dinner to have leftovers of the same thing for lunch the next day.
  4. Go to the farmers market with my meal planner and only buy what fruits and vegetables my family needs for one week’s worth of meals, and only buy the number of portions needed.
  5. Come straight home and wash and bag anything that can be done ahead of time. This saves so much time when it comes to meal prepping and the nice part about it is it’s done all at one time and you won’t have to think about it again for the rest of the week.
  6. Eat an easy breakfast like yogurt with granola or a smoothie.
  7. I log everyting I eat into My Fitness Pal to keep myself conscious of my calorie intake. One of my favorite features in this app is the bar scanner, I can scan a product’s package and it logs the servings for me without having to hunt their database for the item. I also like the meal feature, I can add my favorite recipe and it figures out the calories for me.
  8. I drink lots of water, probably close to a gallon a day (I know that’s a lot but I’ve always been a heavy H20 drinker). If I want to mix it up for some flavor I add Lemon, Lime, or Orange Essential Oils to my water. 
  9. If I’m trying out a new recipe I alway print it from the internet right away and add it to my Meal Planner clipboard, that way I can make sure I have the items I need and if I don’t I add them to my Grocery List right away. 
  10. The key to successful weight loss for me is organization, being prepared with a meal plan on hand, watch portion size (even measure food with a measuring cup), and keeping my mind focused.

Vegetable Prep For Meal Planning

Below I’ve listed some of my go to healthy recipe sites I use often. What I like about these sites is I can always find things my whole family will eat so I don’t have to cook special for myself. I learned long ago if it requires me making two separate meals it’s probably not going to happen for long, or be anything I’m willing to stick with. I don’t want fancy meals that require all day to prepare, we are simple people and do just fine with a meat, veggie, and salad for most dinners. Don’t forget to print off my weekly meal planner below and leave me a comment below on what weight loss tips work for you. 

My Favorite Sites For Healthy Recipes

Cook Eat Paleo   |   Predominantly Paleo   |   Lexi’s Clean Kitchen   

Weekly Meal Planner, FREE to Download and PrintMeal Planner

Simple Printable Weekly Meal Planner, Free Download


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  1. Love your tips and those fresh veggies too! Having an app to help keep you on track sounds really great ♥


    1. Summer I’m all about the APP it’s so easy to overeat if I’m not keeping track of everything.

  2. This is great help. I’m so motivated right now. Thanks. I have another question.
    Is there an app you use to create the video on Instagram? In particular, where the pictures slide into view with something written. I can do a simple video but that’s it. I always learn do much from your tips. Thank you. Instagram Dianarn2627.

    1. Diana I’m motivated right now too and down 6 pound in two weeks without being hungry or exercising. Yes the App you see on IG is called Ripl and it’s fun to use. I also use it for FB.

  3. Learning the size of a portion made a big difference for me. Another thing that really helped was when I learned that something like a bowl of chili already has the carbs that I need in it – the beans!! So if I really want corn bread with my bowl of chili, I make sure to have less carbs somewhere else in my day – otherwise, no corn bread. Although I make my chili with onions, celery and green peppers, there still isn’t enough vegetables in it for a serving…so a side salad contributes what is needed. I’ve also begun to put my fruit and veggies in sight for easy eating. My main form of exercise is Classical Stretch (on PBS, plus I bought one of her DVD sets…she also offers monthly sign up via the internet) which has made a huge difference in my life. It has helped with arthritis, energy levels, and weight loss. I’ve never been one to enjoy working out so I never stuck with anything except walking and bicycle riding; however, I’ve been doing Classical Stretch now for almost two years – I’m not coordinated but it’s easy to do and I never hurt after a session, just feel relaxed and refreshed. I also go for walks when other family members will accompany me and occasionally go for bicycle rides with my husband. I’ve found that eating well has to be for the rest of my life. I will eat unhealthy sometimes, but look at it as a rare treat.

    1. Jen I know what you mean an American portion especially in a restaurant is way to big for one person. I agree eating good has to be a lifelong thing. Thank you for all your tips 🙂

  4. Dawn, I’m so proud of you! I need to get off some pounds so I think I’m going to download the app you suggested. Keeping track of exactly what you eat is always an eye opener! Right now I feel that I’m living day to day but I’m printing off your meal planner to do better!

  5. Hi Dawn,
    After telling you that I am a size 12 and you saying you are too but you are 5’7″, I realized that I really need to get to work on losing these 10 lbs. You are slim compared to me, because I am only 5’2″!
    Great tips here, counting calories and keeping track of everything that goes into my mouth is the only way I can lose and keep it off.
    I am a foster parent and when I have two babies that I’m carrying around constantly and running up and down stairs a gazillion times a day, losing is easy, but if I get lucky and have older kids that can walk, well, it’s much more difficult to lose and keep it off.

    1. Cindy I bet you don’t even have time to eat when you have 2 babies. God Bless you for being a foster parent!

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