What I Wore Wednesday

Jeans – Macy’s… Button Down – KMart… Cardigan – Coldwater Creek… Headband make by Kris… Jewelry – Target…

Jeans – Macy’s… Pink Cashmere Turtleneck – TJMaxx… Brown Jacket – Coldwater Creek… Flower pin – Made by me… Ring – Forever 21… Earrings – Target… 

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  1. Agreed.. gorgeous! Love both outfits. Please don’t ever ever quit inspiring us 🙂 I adore ALL of your posts – I don’t care what the topic is. I’m always inspired!! Thank you for sharing ♥ -Tammy

  2. Did you lose weight? You are looking thinner. I love the brown outfit as well. Jacket is too cute.

  3. I don’t see the jacket on Coldwater Creek website;(

  4. You look adorable! I love that brown jacket!

  5. That knit headband looks so cozy and warm!

    <3 Melissa

  6. I love it~! I NEED that brown jacket!! NEED!!!!!!
    xo Kris
    PS You are skinny!!!

  7. I love your outfits, Dawn! The brown and pink is my favorite!

  8. I forgot how cute you are in your outfits! I’ve been away from blogging for awhile, but I’m back now.

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What I Wore Wednesday

Navy Striped T – Lands End
Navy Cardigan – Lands End
Red and White Skirt – Thrifted
Tights – Walmart
Red Mary Jane’s – Liz – TJmaxx
Earrings and Necklace – Made by me

Pink Striped T – Lands End
Yellow Cardigan – Lands End
Jeans – Macys
Wedges – Coldwater Creek
Lunch Box – Vintage
Necklace – Peebles

Peasant Top – Target
Orange Cardigan – Lands End
Denim Skirt – Gap
Tights – Walmart
Black Shoes – Naturalizer
Earrings – Walmart
Ring – Forever 21

Yellow Cardigan – Lands End
Yellow T – Lands End
Pin Stripe Crops – Lands End
Canvas Flats – Target
Earrings – Target
Necklace – made by me

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  1. I kept thinking “oh I like this one…and this one…” 🙂 So you look adorable, but probably my fave is the orange and blue! I just love how you mixed pieces from so many places!

    And the red skirt, thrifted? Wow – awesome!

  2. You are a great fashionista…you know how to mix pieces & patterns together perfectly! Have you ever thought of selling the jewelry you make?

  3. Oh Miss Dawn, ya look so fresh and beautiful in your lovely spring fashions and let me tell ya, the jewelry is fabulous!

    God bless ya and have yourself a sunshiny kinda day!!! :o)

  4. I always look forward to your Wednesday posts. As a newly retired person it is so easy to be tempted to stay in sweats all day but you have inspired me not to let that happen. I love the third look with your cute hair do! Patty

  5. So nice to see some spring styles peaking back out. Love the nice soft yellow!

  6. Your hair looks incredible. I love everything about your navy and orange outfit, and again, the hair is va va voom!

  7. I like them all. However, to jump on the same appreciation train here… the denim skirt and orange are also my favorite! I must say I love the pose with the vintage lunch box. First thought…look at her MODEL! I have GOT to become a bit more relaxed in my pics. lol You look PRO my friend.

  8. Yup…Spring has sprung in the Mid West!!!! Love your piggies!!!! Love your hair. Makes me think I can do it. Can I??????

  9. Your hair is absolutely adorable in pig tails!!!
    I always enjoy your WIWW posts, you have such cute style 🙂

  10. So pretty, as always!! What a cute vintage lunchbox.. and I am SO glad to see that daisy necklace again. It means Spring has Sprung, right?!! 😉 (I want to make one of those.. on my list – I remember it from last year!). Cute, cute, cute! -Tammy

  11. Love all of your outfits this week, especially the orange and navy! Loved your hair in that one! I’m a girl of the 80’s so I like hair that looks full (although not the crispy, frizzy, I-used-an-entire-can-of-Aquanet look). Yours looks just right!

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What I Wore Wednesday

Blouse – Peebles
Raspberry Shrug – TJMaxx
Jeans – Macys
Raspberry Boots – Romans
Ring and Earrings – Walmart
Winter White Dress – Vintage
Winter White Cardigan – Target
Scarf – TJMaxx
Tights – Macys
Suede Boots – Target
Earrings – Target
Ring – Forever 21

Raspberry T – Target
Cardigan – Target
Jeans – Macys
Scarf – Claires
Raspberry Boots – Romans
Flower Pin – Made by me
Ring – Gifted by my mom
Earrings – Target

Striped T – Target
Denim Jacket – Coldwater Creek
Black Ruffle Skirt – Garnet Hill
Tights – Target
Boot Socks – Macys
Scarf – Claires
Flower Pins – Made by me
Suede Boots – Target
Earrings and Ring – Walmart

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  1. Hi there from England!

    Your blog is brilliant! I have just discovered you and read back a long way. Your home is so beautiful and is my vision of the perfect home I would like one day, and I love your style and the outfits you have put together. It has given me some inspiration to dress more colourfully as over here, it’s a bit grey and miserable at the moment!
    Thanks for adding some colour to my day- I will carry on reading avidly!

  2. SO pretty! Every time I look at your “What I Wore Wednesday”, I think–“She really doesn’t want to see what I wore Wednesday” 🙂 I love your scarves! Your home looks so cozy too!

  3. Dawn
    Will you become my stylist? I’m just so bad at putting outfits together!
    I love the greens and burgundy together in your 1st outfit. And that pink and green? sweater is one of my favorites. The scarf really makes the pink pop.Did you make the pink scarf?
    Seasons Blessings to You! Kimberly

  4. You look GREAT and the outfits are marvelous. But I’m crazy in love with the third one down. The cardigan, T, scarf and pin speak to me. I love raspberry.

  5. Another “my mouth dropped wide open” kind of week! Cannot get over your awesome hair. And the first outfit is to die for.

  6. I always enjoy your WIWW posts! Love the shots of you I front of the tree!!

  7. They’re all my favorite outfits!! 🙂 Love the pinks in front of your tree. And, your hair is awesome! You are so clever.. definitely my go-to girl for inspiration! 🙂 Have a great remainder to your week. -Tammy

  8. Lovely lovely lovely!! I love how you use so much color at this dreary time of year!

  9. You are a real jewel in front of your tree! And you really wouldn’t want to see the outfit I’ve had on this Wednesday either! Been thoroughly cleaning the house today even under the beds!

  10. I’m loving your colors back! Especially the raspberry and green. I also love your flower pins, the accent your outfits perfectly.

  11. Hi Dawn, I love your collection of clothes. I wore a different outfit everyday when I worked with the jewelry to match (I make my own jewelry so that was easy). I enjoyed dressing up for work and giving it my best. Thanks for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  12. Dawn you are just so pretty!
    I want to be like you when I grow up.
    So stylish. 🙂
    Love that first outfit.
    And the outfit with your jean jacket and bloomie pins and scarf, so pretty.
    And you are growing your hair out aren’t you? I like it!

  13. You look so slim and pretty in all your outfits this week. Love your bang braid hairstyle…very cute!

  14. I just love your outfits. You look so pulled together. I love your boots( both pairs and I want the whole outfit you have on with the sweater and t from target, claire scarf, your flower pin, the raspberry boots. That is a beautiful picture of you in front of the tree. Thanks for sharing where you purchase your pieces.

  15. Always beautiful! Thanks to your awesome tutorial, I’m making your felt flower pins tonight. 🙂 All the girls and ladies in the family will be getting one! Just too easy and very inexpensive. I’m going back for more colors!

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