What I Wore Wednesday

Dress Thrifted
Orange Cardigan – Lands End
Tights – Walmart
Orange Bag – Miche
Suede Boots – Target
Necklace – Made by me
Bracelets – Gift
Earrings – Target

Brown Vest – Walmart
Grey T – Target
Denim Skirt – Gap
Grey Tights – Target
Purple Bag – Miche
Suede Boots – Target
Ring – Gift
Earrings – Made by me

Dress – Roamans
Blue Cardigan – Lands End
Ruffle Scarf – Made by me
Belt – Walmart
Tights – Target
Bag – Miche
Suede Boots – Target
Necklace and Bracelets – Kohls
Ring – Fashion Bug
Earrings – Forever 21
Yellow Cardigan – Lands End
Grey Turtleneck – Target
Denim Skirt – Gap
Ruffled Scarf – Made by me
Flower Pin – Made by me
Tights – Walmart
Green Bag – Miche
Suede Boots – Target
Ring and Earrings – Walmart
White Button Down – Fashion Bug
Denim Jacket – Coldwater Creek
Skirt – Thrifted
Belt – Meijer
Tights – Walmart
Flower Pin – Made by me
Turquoise Bag – Miche
Suede Boots – Target
Ring – Target
Earrings – Made by me
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  1. I look forward to seeing what you are wearing every week

  2. I love those boots, I can see why you added them to every outfit!!

    Love your ruffled scarves too, mine dont seem to look as good as yours do

  3. Hi Dawn! I’m your newest follower and found you on the Pleated Poppy! Love your outfits and how you took your photos!
    Also took your cabin tour, beautifully done and you paid cash that’s really something in this day and age!
    I have a blue demim sofa too and I really love how you have the bright colored pillows on it, I hope you stop by soon!


  4. Stopping by from WIWW, I love your turqoise and brown outfit! I’ve been wanting to try a belted scarf,too. You look great every day this week!

  5. Your first and last outfits are my favorites and your fall wardrobe is absolutely awesome. Love your rosette necklace – it’s beautiful.

  6. pretty, pretty, pretty.. all of them! last one is my fave of the day. Loving those scarves too!! and you always have such pretty backdrops. have a lovely day! -Tammy

  7. Love them all. My fav is the denim jacket and skirt.
    Are the outside photos on your porch? It’s SO cute!

  8. Wow, great looks! I’m not a skirt kind of girl, but seriously I am inspired! Accessories really make the outfit-thanks for the reminder. I love all the looks but I am especially partial to the denim jacket ’cause I love denim! Thanks for the kind comment on my grey painted rattan and iron little tables. I like their fresh new look.

  9. Oh Dawn…I am loving all of your Fall outfits. But that last one is just ADORABLE!! I have been looking for a similar skirt to wear with my new cowboy boots!!! I have the denim jacket, and blouses coming out my ears. Just need to find me a cute skirt! You are slaying it girl!!!

  10. Oooh, I love the first picture with the orange and your scarves and then that last picture – wow! You look great.

  11. me too. i look forward to seeing your weekly outfits. and i love the orange ensemble and the outfit with the yellow cardigan. very cute! (and i’m going to start selling miche bags soon too so glad to see you’re sporting the miche!) 🙂

  12. Dawn these are all so cute, love the yellow and orange, my favorites and really love the way you do the scarffs so cute..I am going to try and steal that idea…that purple scarff a knock out! Thanks so much for stopping by it means the world to me, I always love it so much when you do!

  13. fabulous outfits, as usual! Impeccable taste – great colours. I luuuurve the last outfit! Thank you, thank you, thank you (note to self: must not forget to get my boots and combine a beautiful outfit… teeheeheee)

  14. You give me the best ideas for great looking outfits! I went through over 200 on Pleated Poppy and I like yours the best. (I always do, actually!)
    I adore that brown dress with the orange cardi, it is gorgeous.
    Hugs, Cindy

  15. Hi Dawn, Me again, I adore the little scarves that you made, they appear to be fleece, is that correct? If not, would you be so kind as to tell me what they are made out of. I want to make a couple of them, but the tutorial that I have found uses a light weight material. But, if you used fleece then I am game to try it. Also, did you use elastic thread? Thank you so much for helping me out with this, I appreciate it.

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