What I Wore Wednesday

  I must have felt a little crazy this week.
All my looks seem to look like a homeless lady.

I didn’t care if it matched at all, I just picked what spoke to me that day.
 Mushroom Cardigan – Lands End
Dress – The Webster for Target
Jeans – Macys
Scarf – Target
Boots – Tractor Supply Store
Glasses – Walmart prescription 
Bracelets and Rings – Target
Bubble Necklace – JCrew 

 Jeans – Macys
Pink and White Gingham Button Down – KMart
Scarf – Target
Green Cardigan – Target
Boots – Bear Claw
Bracelets and Rings – Target
Earrings – Flea Market Florida

Denim Skirt – Gap
Yellow Cardigan – Lands End
Red Button Down – KMart
Tights – Walmart
Boots – Tractor Supply 
Headband – Made by my friend Kris (click the link to see what styles she has and you can place an order with her)
Bracelets and Rings – Target
Earrings – Walmart 

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  1. I’ve never seen a homeless lady look this stylish! Could you do a tutorial on how to tie a scarf? I can never get it right! Jean

  2. These don’t say “homeless” to me.. they say “fun”! Love them all. And yes, agree w/ a previous commentor – I can never get a scarf to look right on myself! Thanks for inspiring! -Tammy

  3. I love the green with the pink gingham! I don’t see bag lady either. I think you look quite pretty!


  4. Dawn
    Not homeless-maybe a little bohemia!
    But you’re always stylish.
    You should see what I wear.
    It’s usually jeans, cords and a sweater.

  5. ha! best dressed homeless lady I’ve ever seen. I think it’s boho-chic.

  6. Dawn~ You always look so darned cute! I just love whatever you say you “throw on, looks great! 🙂


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