White Kitchen in a Log Home

Welcome to my kitchen tour, but first a little history.  I live in a log home that we built ourselves, by the time it came to the kitchen I couldn’t even think of another stained piece of wood.  I was craving a color, something that was clean looking, so I chose off white painted cupboards.
I knew I wanted our kitchen to be the heart of our home and open to the rest of the living space.  I love to cook and have everyone gathered around the island talking.
 About the island.  It is 9ft long and a great space for sewing. You can roll a whole bolt of decorator fabric out and make curtain easily, which is what I do.  I normally stand at the dining area end and sew.
The cupboards were all custom made by local Amish.  I chose drawers instead of doors, and am so glad I did.  It is a much better use of space.  They hold so much more and it makes it easier to find things.
 Look how deep these drawers are!!
The counter tops are black concrete that we did ourselves.  Our cupboards are constructed to support the weight of the concrete.  Another reason to go custom.
 This is one of my favorite features, a built in cutting board and directly underneath it is a pull out garbage can and recycle bin.  The cutting board can also be pulled out and placed on the counter top if needed.
I just had to have the school house clock from Ikea, it is big enough to see from anywhere in the house.  The light fixtures are exterior barn lights.  I gave them a coat of oil rubbed bronze spray paint to mach the rest of the fixtures.
 Another handy feature is the plate rack.  It is where we keep our melamine plates, it holds 50I also think it could be used as cookbook storage.
The glass door is the walk in pantry.  A must have in any kitchen.  I can’t show you inside right now, it needs a little organization.  I’m not sure how a pantry can get out of control, but I have to dump mine and reorganize about every 3 months.

The sink is Silgranite and is designed with the faucet set off to one side.  Have you ever seen one like it?
The bar stools are painted with Annie Sloan Antibes Green paint, and distressed very heavily.  I figured the kids could do no harm to them, if they were already beat up looking.
 Here’s a peak into the dining room.  I love the 2 french door, in the summer they are always open and a wonderful breeze is flowing through.

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen. 

Stay tuned for a the living room tour.

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  1. I love your kitchen. Those lights are perfect in there. What a nice huge island and how smart to add the cutting board right over the garbage. Adore the finish on the barstools. I still want to try the Antibes paint.

  2. Loving it Dawn! I would love to have concrete counters, and I really like the darkness of yours. I would go for any counter top that looked something like soap stone. At the end of my kitchen we hope to add french doors in the spring. Oh and those drawers!!!

  3. Great idea to go with drawers instead of doors, love the 9ft island Dawn! Your kitchen is just wonderful and I also love the lights!

  4. Dawn,
    I love your kitchen! How I would love that huge island. I could have used it this weekend when we had company! We plan to remodel our kitchen in a year or two. You have incorporated many features that I’d like such as the drawers, the plate rack, the cutting board, etc. I hope you do a tutorial on how to make concrete counters. Your cabinets are so handsome!

  5. The white is the perfect contrast to the warm wood tones in the walls and floors! Your kitchen is beautiful! My cousin has a log home and this would be stunning at his place, but our family is in the lumber industry so to him painting the wood would be a total crime…might have to show these pictures to his wife, though! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  6. What a perfect kitchen. I love every single detail. Perfect mix of elements and colors. Just love it all! Lori L

  7. You have a beautiful kitchen. I love the white against the stained wood. I especially like that huge island and the concrete counter tops.

  8. It’s beautiful Dawn. I love the contrast of the white cabinetry and dark hardware against all that gorgeous wood. I would definitely spend alot of happy time in there. Patty

  9. Oh, to have custom Amish cabinets! I lived in Indiana and Ohio for many years and am very familiar with their handiwork. Beautiful!

  10. I love your kitchen!! How the details, the details. The light fixtures have to be my favorite along with the use of drawers and not doors.. great idea. I hope to redo my kitchen in the next year.. great ideas for the use of space. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  11. Wow! I’m empressed with your talent of building and decorating. Your kitchen looks like one in a magazine- very beautiful. I love the little pop of color here and there. Looks like a happy place to work.———Shanno

  12. Your kitchen is beautiful! So many nice details! Love the horizontal boards!

  13. Dawn, I love it! From the custom cabinets to the countertops and that gorgeous sink; the pantry, the drawers. Just beautiful. You have such good taste!

  14. Wow, this is really a beautiful kitchen. I LOVE the way you designed the drawers, instead of door cabinets. So much easier to get into, and a lot more space. Also, your concrete counter top is AMAZING – I thought it was black granite. I love the idea of using concrete – how do you clean it ? It must be sealed, I’m sure……anyway, your kitchen and the way you have decorated it, is absolutely beautiful….

  15. I love white kitchens and I used to live in a log home and I chose white as well. The contrast is great!

  16. wow, look great Dawn, I love the white against all of the logs. I hear ya about the island, mine is 11 feet long, and you can do so much there, and the drawers too, that is what we went with too!

    Great minds think alike, I guess

  17. What a beautiful kitchen!I love everything about it! Thanks for visiting Color Chic!

  18. Oh my gosh so much to look at, I also have a granite sink, did it when I remodeled my laundry room as it won’t scratch with the pups fingernails when giving them a bath, I love how it has stood up to anything! The whole kitchen is just really beautiful how lucky you are!

  19. I love everything about your kitchen! I’ll have to return again and again, just to take all the wonderful-ness and inspiration in 😉 Thanks so much for sharing! -Tammy

  20. I’m speechless Dawn, and ya know that’s not my norm :). The kitchen looks so warm and inviting, just ready to welcome friends and family. Love that looooong island, I’m green with envy on all that space. Can’t wait to see the next part of the home tour.

  21. Dawn
    I love the choices you made for your kitchen!
    The white is such a nice contrast to all of the wood in your home and the splashes of green and yellow add just the right touchs of color.
    Oh, and that sink and those counter tops-well,
    all I can say is I love them!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Love your kitchen!! I found your blog through What I Wore Wed. on The Pleated Poppy, then found you lived in a log cabin. My hubby and I have a small cabin in the mountains of TN so I LOVE looking at the pics of your cabin. Gorgeous!!!

  23. I always wanted to live in a log cabin. You are so lucky and I love everything about your kitchen. It’s obvious you put a lot of thought into it to make it efficient and beautiful. I’m visiting from next door at Met Monday.

    Robin Flies South

  24. Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! We are getting ready to build a log type house at our hunting property and have been thinking of the concrete countertops. Tell me….do they scratch easily? I see you have a thick sealer on it. Can you still put hot pots on it? don’t know anyone who has this and I’m very curious!!

  25. Your kitchen is just beautiful! I love the lights and the barstools. I also love the cabinets as they are similar to what I went with in our reno this summer – coconut white Shaker style. You did a beautiful job on everything! Pamela

  26. You have a beautiful kitchen and I can tell that you put a lot of time and thought into designing it. Your concrete counters are beautiful, I didn’t know they could be so shiny and black. They’re gorgeous! The barn lights are great as well as the huge clock.
    I look forward to seeing more of your pretty house.

  27. I think the white cabinets were the perfect choice. Love your drawer pulls and lights. I am so impressed that you installed the counter tops yourselves. What an accomplishment. It is totally worth all the time and effort. You have a great kitchen. Have a good week Dawn!

  28. I love love love everything about your kitchen, Dawn; it’s beautiful! I would love concrete countertops, they are so beautiful! AND… those drawers instead of doors, what a great idea; I would love that!

    Thanks so much for the tour!

  29. Dawn- Your kitchen looks fabulous! We are in the “beginning” of doing a kitchen re-do- that I just posted about on our blog (hope you visit there). I adore the white with the black knobs- We were going to do white, but chose Seaside (mix of blue/green)…

  30. Wow, Dawn, I love your kitchen!!!! I love your home! I like the idea of drawers instead of doors. I hate having to get on the floor and search under my counter for things that got pushed to the back! My friend has concrete counters. Yours look terrific–good job.
    I also love the green bar stools next to the white kitchen. Thanks for the tour!

  31. Love your kitchen – it looks like it should be featured in a magazine! I have not seen a room in your house that I didn’t like, but the funny thing is that my house is decorated the complete opposite – more of a traditional/modern look. I am going to try to incorporate some of the looks that you have into my own decor – if I post about it with pictures you will know it was a success! If I don’t post you will know I am still working on it!
    Please keep up the great posts, we all love to read your blog!

  32. You’ve got a wonderful kitchen and the green chair set it off perfectly. I think they are an inspired choice of color. Jane

  33. Very beautiful Dawn! I love everything ~ cabinets, countertops, lighting, deep drawers, etc, etc. You did a fantastic job and the white looks amazing with all of the wood!!

  34. HI! This is my first visit, I came from Kim’s. I LOVE your kitchen and the drawers are the BEST idea! I have never seen a sink like yours, I love it too! Thanks for the tour and I will be back for the rest! XO, Pinky I did 2 posts at Kim’s. My flowers and Joe’s chili recipe!

  35. I am your newest follower AND I just realized your last name is Cain. Our BEST friends are Cains too!!!!!!

  36. Girl you totally rocked that kitchen. Brilliant choice to go white.

  37. I am in awe. I love the contrast between the wood walls and the white cabinetry.

    And why isn’t my stainless steel fridge that clean and shiny?

    Thanks … I’m a new fan.

  38. Hi!
    Just found your blog via Savvy Southern Style. You have a wonderful kitchen there, the white painted cabinets look great against the black worktops and wooden walls, and I love the green shabby chairs – I have just discovered Annie Sloan paints too!

  39. Love that built-in cutting board. The whole space makes me want to cook!

  40. I love your kitchen, especially the concrete counters. Great job!


  41. Dawn, What a pretty kitchen and I love the large island. The white cabinets were a perfect choice and the barstools are fabulous. Thanks for sharing your beautiful kitchen at the Open House party.

  42. Wow, this is so beautiful! I love the simple lines of the cabinets, and how they contrast beautifully with all of the wood on the walls. It just looks so cozy!

    Thanks so much for showing off!


  43. Wow, what a cute kitchen! L.O.V.E dark hardware on white furniture/cabinets!

    Thanks for sharing today 😀
    Visiting from TT&J linky party,
    Smiles, Suzanne in NW Illinois

  44. Beautiful Kitchen! I love your drawers. We also did our own concrete counter tops. We built the mold and put an integral drain into the sink. I love it. I stood there with the water hose and Hubby used his grinder and diamond pads so that our aggregate was exposed. We also put amonites in some of our countertops. It was very rewarding. We are going to redo 3 of our counters in black and leave the island the way it is. It was the best thing we have ever done in our kitchen. I finish mine with beeswax as the sealer we used on the first one could not withstand heat. I usually polish it up once a year. I can pretty much do anything to the countertops and they never change. You really did a beautiful job. Cheers!

  45. Dawn, I have to agree, your kitchen is perfect. I just love everything about it. Great job!!!!

  46. I know a Amish person who builds kitchen cabinets. He is also so talented. He has so much work he is behind. All the cabinets are real wood. I was hoping to have him do our cabinets but he has been so busy. Your cabinets are beautiful and so clean looking. White will always be in style. Your cabinets will last well made.
    Good job!!!!

  47. Dawn, your kitchen is gorgeous. I have long admired log and post and beam homes, but white kitchens are my favourite. Your home combines the best of both. Such great details but I must say the drawers and barn lights are two of my favourite features. Thanks for showing that the painted white and wood can work so well together. I will definitely have this look in mind if we ever move and build.

  48. Oh, yes, we’re definitely on the same wavelength with the house tours, Dawn! 🙂 Your kitchen is magnificent–all the thought you put into the details, that amazing island…sigh…love it. Wait til you see my kitchen–there are a lot of similarities to yours! I love the contrast having a white/off-white kitchen in a log house and yours is a beautiful example of that.


  49. The painted cabinets look beautiful with all of the wood surrounding them. Your kitchen is gorgeous! Visiting from LaurieAnna’s.

  50. This is absolutely stunning! The amount of detail added is amazing! It looks like something out of a magazine, simply lovely. I am going to feature this tomorrow @ Show & Share. SO happy that you linked up this week!

    Ps–you have the most views of the party–congrats!

  51. It is absolutely beautiful! So glad you linked up with us! I’ll be featuring you on my blog this week so come grab a featured button!


  52. I adore your kitchens it is so beautiful. Thank you for linking up to our party show and share. I am stopping by to let you know that I featured you on my blog and you were the most viewed links so make sure to stop by see what I wrote and grab a feature button from my side bar. Thank you

    A mommy’s life…with a touch of yellow

  53. What a beautiful home you have! Your kitchen cabinets are gorgeous! I love that mix of rustic elegance. 🙂
    ~ Jo

  54. You have a one of the beautiful kitchen. White against the stained wood is too marvelous, especially like that huge island and the concrete counter tops.

  55. I enjoyed the tour, Dawn. I would want a white kitchen in my log home. I love your style!

    Ricki Jill

  56. Your kitchen is absolutely beautiful!!! Such a wonderful home and no mortgage!! Wow – I’m impressed!

  57. You have fantastic kitchen. I most like in this kitchen you built in cutting board it is brilliant idea. I love your kitchen.

  58. Thank you so much for sharing your home! We bought an older log home last year and the kitchen cabinets are pretty beat up – they seem to be raw wood that was never stained. I am leaning toward painting them white, but had never seen white cabinets in a log kitchen. Yours look great! Hope mine turn out as well.

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  62. Where do I start?

    Black concrete counters – beautiful
    Green bar stools – my favorite ASCP color
    Yellow tool box – oh, my!
    Drawers in the kitchen – I miss the custom kitchen we did at our former home and then immediately turned around and moved here to a 1928 kitchen.

    It is wonderful.

  63. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    What a wonderful kitchen Dawn! I’ve always loved the contrast of light cabinets and dark counters. And I’m definitely intrigued by the concrete. And all the natural wood in the room just warms it up so nicely. That great big island is just dreamy and the green stools are the perfect pop of color!

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