Wildflower Centerpiece #4

This weeks wildflower centerpiece is
“Creeping Bell Flower”
Another beautiful flower arrangement for free.  
Courtesy of Mother Nature.
They have a very strong, sweet perfume smell.
 I put them in my vase that got a coat of “Exotic Sea” spray paint.
The bell shaped blooms are just beautiful.
Stop back by next week for another Wildflower Centerpiece.
If you missed the previous wildflower centerpiece’s they can be seen


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  1. So pretty Dawn!! I love to use whatever I can find around the house to jazz up a table!
    I also love your rocker! And I think that is a great idea to find 4 for the porch and paint them all different colors.
    We are home….had a wonderful time! And the laundry is DONE! Phew!
    : ) Kris
    PS Triple digits here!!!

  2. Love this just as much as the others. Such awesome photos. Hope all is well with you. Our temps have cooled off so I have been doing a bit of yard work. How is your garden coming along?

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