Wildflower Centerpiece #9

This weeks Wildflower Centerpiece is
“Golden Rod”
This weed flower grows abundantly in fields and roadsides.
It signals Fall is just around the corner in my neck of the woods.
Wouldn’t some cooler temperatures be grand?
Many people blame this flower for their Fall allergies.
But that’s not the case.  The culprit for Fall allergies is the rag weed that is blooming at the same time as the Golden Rod.
I chose to display the flowers in a heavy metal camping cooker.  The kind you can hang over a fire or put right down into the coals.
You can see the rest of the wildflower series

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  1. Oh so very pretty! Especially in combination with the blue checkered table cloth. And, Yes cooler weather would be Lovely right about now. 🙂

  2. I have that growing and cut a bunch of wild flowers or weeds yesterday. Will share pics sometime. I can’t name them like you can.

  3. Dawn
    I loved browsing your wildflower series!
    All of the wildflowers are going to seed here
    in the Yukon, so I’m collecting them.
    The golden rod is a little different here.

  4. Such a pretty color this one is!!! Love it!

  5. Great pictures! Golden rod used to be our state flower– then they changed it to the camellia.

  6. I love goldenrod too Dawn, I haven’t seen it around here yet but I’ll be on the lookout today during my travels.

  7. Our goldenrod is just starting to emerge too…I love anything yellow. My allergies have been terrible this year and I know ragweed is a bad one for me. You have such a lovely way of displaying your flowers, beautiful.

  8. It’s too pretty to be a weed. I just love this centerpiece. It looks so soft and pretty I want to reach out and touch it! I am new follower!

  9. We have golden rod around here, I think it’s so pretty. Funny how some “weeds” can be so pretty. I am not liking the ragweed right now tho…..lots of sneezing and sniffling going around here! 🙂

    I noticed the cute bucket right away! I just love little buckets and such. 🙂

    Take care girlie! Seems I have been so busy, I am always late checking into my favorite blog friends. 🙂

  10. Love the flowers and of course I love the metal bucket. I swear if you wanted a second career you could be an antiques dealer. You would be terrific. :o)

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