Wildflower Series ~ Daisy {2013}

The ever faithful “Daisy” is what’s 
blooming this week.
I added a little wild grass 
to give it some dimension.
I think the Daisy is one of my favorite flowers.
I love the simplicity of it.
You can see the rest of the wildflower series here.
What Wildflower’s do you have growing in 
your neck of the woods right now?

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  1. I too, have a good crop of clover and dandelions!! Then there is the pretty things I’ve planted. I’m afraid with us already have 90+ temps, my plants aren’t going to last thru the summer. That’s what happened last year.

    I always think daisies are refreshing and cute!!


  2. Love this Dawn. Daisy’s are my favorite flower. They just make you smile. Sweet little flowers that they are. Love them in your yellow pitcher too. So pretty and bright.

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