Wildflower Series ~ Purple Phlox {2013}

It’s that time of year again, when mother nature is 
showing off all her beautiful flowers.
And my
 I started this series last year and enjoyed it so much,
I decided to go with it again this Summer.
 First Wildflower on the list is
“Purple Phlox”
It lasts for days in water and has a delightful, fragrant smell.
 My kids make fun of me, because I carry garden nippers in my purse.
(No wonder my back kills me from carrying that thing, it must weigh 
a ton)
You never know when I will bring the car to a screeching
halt, jump out, and cut a batch of flowers from a
roadside ditch.
While gathering this batch I got into the nettles.
My hands were covered with spots that
itched and burned.
I was just glad I didn’t get into the poison ivy again, 
that stuff is miserable:(

I’m off to gather more blooms.
Stop in next week to see another “Wildflower Bouquet”.


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  1. Oh my goodness, the colours are beautiful Love the pail as a vase. Perfect. It doesn’t surprise me to read you carry garden tools around. That’s a sign of a true-blue. Guess what I carry in my purse…cat treats. I confess. Hugs, Deb

  2. It’s beautiful.. love the display. This is a special flower to me because (most) every Spring my hubby stops along the roadside and brings me a bouquet. He is not prone to doing this type of thing a lot, so this makes it extra special! Alas, my current phlox bouquet is winding down and I’m needing to take it out. Love this flower.. one of my faves 🙂 have a great day, Dawn!

  3. Gorgeous arrangement Dawn. I keep meaning to cut Queen Anne’s Lace which is blooming now on the road side.

  4. Beautiful! We have some of that nettles that grows in our grove. I hate that stuff!!!
    Love that you carry nippers in your purse!!
    xo Kris

  5. Your wildflower displays are just beautiful! I’m always glad people can’t see what I carry in my purse, too! Have a wonderful day, Jean

  6. Dawn, you are my kind of girl!!!! I love to clip and pick flowers and bring them home. Your phlox is just stunning and you captured it at it’s best. Just BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  7. Your pics are always so beautiful, the flowers are very delicate,and the color is very calming. Love your centerpiece. Would be nice to have a photo of your center piece on the wall with a pretty rustic frame. GReat post

  8. Maybe you should add some gloves to the garden shears in your purse. You’ve certainly raised Phlox to a new level of beauty!

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