Will Spring Ever Come

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At this point I thing Spring will never come to my neck of the woods. There isn’t even a hint of it in the air, normally by now I can smell Spring coming and begin to get hopeful. I haven’t even thought about starting my seeds inside yet, with 4ft of snow still on the ground it’s hard to get excited about planting time. 


Cabin Items


I am sick of seeing only white and long for some green with sunshine that is actually warm on my face. Right now the Great Lakes are 90% froze over and predictions are they will not thaw completely all summer. I know several areas are experiencing strange weather patterns, I wonder what summer will bring? Normally by now I am anxiously awaiting tulips to push through the soil, and the brown grass to turn green but not this year. I fear flooding will happen next along with mud. Living on a dirt road will mean mudding cars, muddy cowboy boots, and muddy dog paws. I can close my eyes and see apple blossoms on the trees and the sweet smell of their nectar, but then reality hits and all I see is snow.  


I have always loved winter but this on is hanging around way to long. It has been 7 weeks since my fall and I am still not 100%, I had to quit my 6 mile walk every morning, and my driveway is still like a skating rink. Winter has not been kind to me this year, but with the days getting longer I am praying Spring will find me…..





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  1. I’m right along with you in Iowa!
    I look out and it’s white & finally 29 today, whoopee!
    I’m hoping my gardens thaw by July 🙁
    But it’s nice to know I’m not alone in this wacky weather that has lasted way too long.

    1. Jan, I don’t think I will ever be able to plant a garden either. This is some strange weather.

  2. It is the same here Dawn, in fact we took the snow blower to the back yard a little while ago to get rid of some of the deep snow in area that will flood! Environment Canada predicts a below average March and maybe April and a wetter spring.
    even with all our positive thoughts about spring I don’t think it will be arriving any time soon. We just cleared the driveway again this morning so we can get off!

    1. Linda, predictions are for 4 more inches here again today. It is never going to end.

  3. I am just south of you in Indianapolis and we too are weary of winter this year. We haven’t had cold and snow like this sin 1977 so for many people it really has been the coldest winter of their lives, lol.

    1. Penney, I remember the blizzard of 77 as a kid, I loved it we had 2 weeks off from school. We went everywhere by snowmobile. Thanks for bringing back the memory 🙂

  4. Oh Dawn..I am so sorry that you and millions of people are dealing with the ever so harsh winter this year…but I see that you have a great attitude in keeping the spirit of Spring in your home…

    1. Shirley, I will be glad to see spring. I as so ready to smell all the fragrant trees and flowers.

  5. It is snowing again here today Dawn, I am starting to think spring got lost somewhere!!

  6. This has been a hard winter in Ohio also. This is the kind of winters we used to have as kids in the 50’s and 60’s. It’s just that the last couple of winters have been up and down temperature wise. Do you know that it was 60 degrees here on Jan. 29, 2013? It just makes the winter so much longer when we have consistent cold and snow. This too shall pass and I think if I hear anyone complaining about the heat this summer, I’ll have to send them back in time a few months to cool them off! Anyway, hang in there with the rest of us and rest assured that Spring will arrive in her full beauty some time soon! Hope you get to feeling better to enjoy it to its fullest!

    1. Susan, LOL I bet we do all complain about the heat this summer (I am chuckling now). Im sure spring will come but not nearly soon enough.

  7. Living in Ohio I can empathize with you all about this winter. Do you know that I had written on last year’s calendar on Jan. 29th that we had a high of 60? Hard to believe, huh? When I was growing up in the 50 and 60’s this is the kind of winters we used to have. I think we have been spoiled the last few years because of the up and downs during the winter. Hang in there, Spring is coming some time. I hope you get to feeling better to enjoy it to its fullest! Take care!!!

  8. Sorry for the double postings above. When I submitted the first one a box came up saying that what I had written was similar to what I had already posted, but I hadn’t even posted anything yet. So I rewrote it and then they both showed up. Cyberland!!!!

  9. Hi Dawn, I’m with you; thankfully the six inches of snow we were supposed to get last night didn’t happen. We never plant until after Mother’s Day here in Colorado and for some reason this winter has seemed so long to me. I have started a new sport but my knees are giving me fits, so today may be the last time I try it. I am fearful of slipping on the icy sidewalks etc. I hope your area warms up and that we will all get to embrace Spring sometime soon.
    Hugs, Noreen

    1. Noreen, I can’t wait to get back to walking. My fat body sure needs it. We are supposed to get 4 more inches today of snow 🙁 I normally plant the first week of June but at this rate that won’t be happening.

  10. Dawn, my heart goes out to you! I know that you generally love wintertime, but this has been such an unusual year for you in so many ways. Just try to keep a little song in your heart to get you through and hum it to yourself during the day. People may look at you kinda funny, but just blame it on the snow! 🙂

    1. Jane, what a wonderful idea. My kids think I am nuts (I say unique) son no one will probably notice. LOL

  11. The weather is pretty crazy. We had 5 days of rain and went right back to our sunny weather. Our hills are so brown so we don’t fear flooding, but summer fires.

    Your photographs of the quilts is so pretty.

  12. I can’t wait for Spring…heck I can’t wait to be able to see the grass again! LOVE your photos!!

    1. Martina, I know what you mean just seeing green grass would be wonderful.

  13. crafty grandma says:

    LOL!!!! Don’t worry – one day – soon, the snow will start to melt…here in Montreal, we are used to snow and cold weather – unfortunately this year we are suffering the deep freeze and amazingly we haven’t been hit with an unusual amount of snow – Mother Nature has been especially generous by treating our US friends!!! Nevertheless, usually by the end of May, the ground is no longer frozen (we’ve had some exceptions in the past). As for planting your flowers, well, I start them inside so that they will bloom before August! I too long for some greenery and some actual ground – all we have is snow covered ice!! Nevertheless a nice brisk (careful) walk in -4 F weather brings color to your cheeks!! My kids laugh at my spring flowers ….most of them are artificial among my green plants (that are all dying for a piece of the sun) – I cannot bring myself to pay $25 for a little bouquet! Love the beautiful pictures!!

    1. I am used to snow here in Michigan, just sick to death of it this year. I normally start my seeds inside this month but may hold off a while longer, I would hate for them to get leggy before they go into the ground. My beds are all raised so they will warm up sooner.

  14. I so hear ya…it’s the same here! The windchill is -20 degrees Celsius….but the sun is shining brightly. We have tons of snow left, but I’m thankful we are not getting one storm after another…I prefer the cold to snowing and blowing.

    March is a continuation of February here….it’s usually late April or May before we really have what you would call spring. I can’t wait til we can sit outside on the pool deck with our doxies.


    Bundled up in the great frozen Northeast!

    1. Charlotte, I would love to just see the sun for a moment here. Winter is very grey in Michigan. I’m sure I will be complaining soon enough about the heat though. LOL

  15. it’s moments like this when I am reading about the cold and ice that I am glad it only snows once in a blue moon in georgia. I grew up in connecticut and as child …miss it. as an adult…probably not so much. take care!

    1. Laura, I love Michigan winters but this one is hanging around to long. I am ready for some sunshine and pretty flowers.

  16. I’ve lived in east central IL for seven years and before that lived in upstate NY, so with all the snow and cold, I feel like this is the first real winter I have experienced since moving to the midwest! For the past seven years I have bragged to my friends about how mild the climate is here and how early the spring comes, at least 4-6 weeks before NY! But, I can’t stand the long, hot summers here….that is when I get cabin fever! I hope we have a nice spring, but not too hot!

    1. Debbie, yes I don’t like a hot summer either. I could do with 72 with a slight breeze for this summer.

  17. Kathleen G says:

    Sounds frightening to walk on ice. Here in Az, I was informed by our weather people that El Nino will make an appearance this coming winter. Much needed rain for the southwest. But! A warmer summer. Booooo! Had that last summer. Weird winter.

    1. Kathleen, yes our weather is very weird and frightening. I sure hope we have a normal summer here.

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