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Winter Decorating With A Snow Globe

I know I told you a few posts back that I was done sharing images from my Mini Winter Decorating Series but I was wrong. At the last minute, I added my favorite snow globe to the coffee table. I found it many years ago at TJMaxx and have never seen another like it. The minimalist design is breathtaking to me and I could watch the snow fall in it all day long.

It’s a simple bare tree in black. Yep, that’s it a tree with no leaves and no color the only other element is the glittery white snow that falls so peacefully inside the glass dome. I’ve looked every year since trying to find something similar but I’ve never had any success.

Winter Decorating With A Snow Globe
  1. I started with an upside-down bowl from the kitchen cupboard to give the globe the height it needed.
Winter Decorating With A Snow Globe

2. Plopped a wreath, just like the one I used on the blanket ladder, around the bowl.

Winter Decorating With A Snow Globe

3. Last I added the snow globe on top of the bowl. If you’d like to see the snow globe in motion just click the video below to enjoy.

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  1. Absolutely love this snow globe!!

    1. Lisa its my favorite too and I wish I could find another one like it.

  2. What a beautiful snow globe, Dawn. I really like how you displayed it.

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