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Winter Centerpiece With Gold Candlesticks and Greenery

Is it feeling like Christmas yet to anyone? It seems like Thanksgiving is the marker for making the turn towards Christmas and everyone hauls out the holiday cheer and starts decorating. 

I’m continuing my mini-series on Winter Decorating and sharing the small, very small changes I made to our dining room centerpiece. This is so minimal I’m not sure if it should even be shown but here it is.

Winter Centerpiece With Gold Candlesticks and Greenery

All I did was add gold candlesticks and taper candles to the current centerpiece, an enamelware wash basin filled with faux greenery.  I did need to elevate the candlesticks so upside-down mason jars did the trick.

This took 30 seconds to create but it did change the look and feel just enough that I could count it as my winter decor. Candles always make a space feel cozy and warm so it’s a fitting change for winter. If you notice on the corner shelf I took most of the items off to get a more minimal look and added deer antlers for my winter look.

Winter Centerpiece With Gold Candlesticks and Greenery

I’ve been thinking of getting a corner cabinet of some sort to put in place of the shelves. I did look around at thrift stores but nothing has been in my price range yet. What are your thoughts on a corner hutch? I’d hate to get it home and not like the look in the space. My biggest concern is it will feel too heavy for the area and make it look and feel cluttered. Give me your opinion would you please? 

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  1. Love the centerpiece…A corner cabinet would be nice for your area

    1. Jeanie, I’ve had my eye out for a corner cabinet while thrifting. I hate to spend too much in case I change my mind down the road. I’ve even thought of making one myself from lumber that’s hanging around our place. Maybe that will be on my list after the holidays!

  2. Let me start by saying I love your centerpiece. It’s simplicity is just so refreshing. We haven’t even made it to December and I’m already Christmased (?) out. Couldn’t come up with an idea for our coffee table but you’ve given me a great idea, basically less is more. I like the idea of a corner cabinet and have thought of getting one myself. Not a fan of dusting so if something can be displayed behind closed doors I’m all for it. If you go this route good luck with your search. If not just know you’re staying of the open shelves is always so pretty.

    1. Barb, Yes I agree less is more and for me, my mind is settled on simplicity and no stress over trying to come up with something elaborate. It’s just too much anymore! I sure haven’t missed being in the stores with all the Christmas things this year either. I’m happy right here on the homestead with my chickens, LOL.

  3. I love your winter decorating series! I live in Michigan also and start winterizing my home in November. The tree, stockings, and bells are layered in after Thanksgiving. After Christmas the tree, stockings, etc. come down and everything else stays for the winter. Makes it so much easier!

    1. Verna, welcome fell Michigander! It is easier to decorate for winter I think the options are greater than just for Christmas. I think what I hate most about all the decor is the dust it creates. Simple decor is always easier to manage for me when it comes to cleaning.

  4. Beautiful, seasonal centerpiece! The candlesticks really made the vignette.

    I think a triangular shaped corner bakers’ rack, not a heavy industrial style, would be great in place of the shelves. It would allow a little more room on each side of the windows, and you could still display your favorite things. Just a thought!

    Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!!


    1. Lisa, I never thought of a baker’s rack I’ll have to look into that. Yes, that was my concern that anything I put there would crowd the french doors and be to heavy. Have a great Christmas!

  5. Grace Thomas says:

    Love the simple centerpiece. I have a small corner hutch in a small dining room and it’s not overwhelming at all. I also have it painted white with a khaki color in the inside. It holds so many dishes. It also gives some height to the corner.

    1. Grace, I am looking for a piece to put in that corner. I always wonder about corner pieces since they can only be used in a corner and our home is so open concept that is limited corners to move it too. I do think I’ll get one or make one when the price is right. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  6. That’s a beautiful centerpiece – I love the simplicity of it and your clever idea for getting extra height. I think a corner hutch would make a nice addition to your space.

    1. Jen, boy when I said I was doing Winter/Christmas simple this year I bet you never imagined how simple I would go, LOL. I am enjoying less stress that’s for sure. I have no desire to do a tree this year. I have one more winter post and then I”ll be on to something new. Thank you for the input on the corner cabinet!

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