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Christmas Winter TV Wall Decorating

This will be the last post in my Winter Decorating Series. When I said I wasn’t doing much I really meant it. It feels good to give the cabin a little holiday cheer but it’s certainly not overdone by any stretch of the imagination.

Everything I did this year centered around keeping the layout and the items in place that were currently there from my everyday decor. All I did was swap a few things out to make it fit more with the season.

Christmas Winter Blanket Ladder Decor

You can see how I removed the fall plumes from the glass bottle and added a pine branch. I also added a candle, pinecones, and a few blue and green ornaments to the basket. I like the asymmetrical look but felt I needed a little height on the other side of the buffet so I added the candlesticks.

I don’t know why we even have a tv in this room. I’m the only person who uses this room and I don’t watch tv. I hate to ask hubby to take it down after he spent time hanging it on the wall and adding the trim piece to hide the cord.

Christmas Winter Decor

I’ve even thought of purchasing a piece of art to hang over the tv to disguise it. If there was ever a chance that we needed the tv it would still be hiding behind the artwork. 

Christmas Winter Decor

You may recognize the wreath hanging on the blanket ladder. I originally had it mounted on the shutters hanging on the tv wall (you can see that here). All I did was add a strand of thrift store ribbon and a vintage bell pick from hobby lobby. It couldn’t have been simpler. 

Christmas Winter Decor

I certainly don’t feel the cabin looks Christmasy at all this year but it’s just enough that if someone stops over it looks like I made a little effort. The true meaning of Christmas can never be outshined by glitz and glitter. 

I hope you enjoyed following along with this mini-series. I know it brought joy to me. Now if only it would snow! 

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  1. Your Winter touches are just right – I especially love the wreath. My seasonal decor has become more and more minimal the last few years and my husband has commented a couple of times how much he likes it this way. It wasn’t intentional, but I discovered that a green accent color makes a great base for all of the holidays.

    1. Jen, Yes I love working with the color green as well. I agree less is more and also more enjoyable. Have a wonderful Christmas!

      1. Merry Christmas Dawn!

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