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Wire Plant Stand Side Table


DIY Wire Plant Stand Side Table

After the Christmas decorations were put away I was ready to have my house back in order with minimal decorating and less things sitting around. I normally have my surfaces decorated heavily but I’m going for a cleaner look now.  

Log Home Decor, Wire Plant Stand Side Table, Wall Mounted TV, Barn Door Decor, Farmhouse Ladder, Ikea Buffett, Metal Lanterns

If you’re following my new series “Talk Till Dawn” you know I’ve recently ordered new furniture. The only thing that’s staying is the vintage school chair sitting beside my whimsical DIY plant stand table. 

Black, White, Yellow and Gray Colors Used in a Log Home

I’m spending today pairing down my throw pillow stash. Our youngest son moved home some time ago, but while he was away his closet was turned into my pillow hoarding hideaway. I’ve decided the only colors I’m keeping are black, white, tan, and gray. Everything else will need to find a new home. 

Log Home Decor, Wire Plant Stand Side Table, Wall Mounted TV, Barn Door Decor, Farmhouse Ladder, Ikea Buffett, Metal Lanterns

I have at least 50 pillow inserts (who needs that many?). I’ll keep 15 and pillow slips in the neutral colors I listed above. Then I’ll have to stay out of the pillow isle at TJMaxx. My new rule is I can purchase a pillow cover but if it’s a pillow that the insert can’t be removed it’s not coming home with me. 

DIY Wire Plant Stand Side Table

I have no idea why manufacturers don’t make more slipcovers without the insert. If anyone has a favorite pillow cover source leave it in the comments please. I often just make my own when I can’t find the fabric I’m looking for and that’s still an option. Please tell me I’m not the only one who has a throw pillow problem. 

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  1. I don’t have a pillow problem – I have a throw problem. Way too many, especially since I live alone, and especially since they are only needed in cold weather. Then I have to store some of them in the off-season. I guess I like the cozy look they inspire. When I tire of them, they become additions to my dog and cat beds, so I pass my obsession on to my pets because they love them, even in the air conditioning.

    I agree with you about the pillow covers. Most offered are not very pretty – and storing pillows w/forms is a challenge unless, like you, you have a designated pillow storage room. Such first world problems we have, right?

    1. Pat, I think we all get that way from time to time about certain things. I did manage to get rid of 50 pillows and covers so my stash in control again.

  2. I made 2 new pillows for the sofa last night and Steve commented that we do NOT need any more pillows. I told him that other were going into storage. I don’t have an extra closet so my extras go into the storage inside window seat.

    I love your plant stand/side table.

    1. Carol, my hubby sees no purpose in throw pillow, so he’s right there with Steve.

  3. Laura Harrie says:

    Okay, I admit I have a throw pillow problem, maybe even an addiction. That said, I feel there are throw pillows out there that need a good home. I want to give those pillows a sense of purpose and a feeling of security!

    1. Laura, I’m cracking up at your comment. I love your thinking girl 🙂

  4. Bonnie Sutten says:

    IKEA has nice covers and inserts

    1. Bonnie I do have a few from Ikea I may have to check there again.

  5. So many things I love in this post. Your home is fabulous and very inviting looking. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Ivory, thank you so much for stopping in 🙂

  6. Dawn, can’t wait to see your new furniture. I’ve bought many pillow covers from various Etsy shops. So nice to switch them out and be able to just fold the cover and put it in a drawer or shelf.

    1. Becky, Etsy….great tip I hand’t thought of that source.

  7. I have no room to store pillows! I am with you 100% that there should be more options for pillow covers. I love so many of the Pier One pillows but I have a hard time paying for the pillow cover and insert. I wish Pier One offered just the covers. I have found Amazon to be the best source for inexpensive pillow covers–some come from China so you have to be aware it may take some time to get them but for $1.50 to $5.00, I am willing to wait. All I have ordered from Amazon have been of good quality. Hobby Lobby also carries them for between $10-$15–if you use the 40% off coupon it is not a bad price. Hobby Lobby carries more every day covers and not many for holidays.

    1. Diane, I’d pay the same price for a cover as I would for having it stuffed. It’s so much easier to store a cover than the entire pillow. Wow that pillow price on Amazon is amazing, and I don’t mind waiting for them. I have purchased some from Hobby Lobby, but they don’t have many that I like, but they are getting new things in so it may get better.

  8. What an adorable wire plant stand! My extra throw pillows are stored behind the rattan love seat on my sun porch. I haven’t gotten rid of them because I’m hoping to use them as inserts for new covers. If nothing else, I can always remove the batting and save it for a craft projects. Sound excuses, right?! Lol.

    1. Jen, I took 50 pillows and covers to our local hospice store and my pillow collection is back under control. I had no idea I was hoarding that many, lol.

  9. I have found some quality pillow covers at Amazon. Just type in “throw pillow covers” and you will get scads of seasonal/holiday/everyday ideas. I like the “linen fabric” best. The only problem I have is that the manufacturers don’t use good strong zippers. But I can just use the holiday designs for a month or two and switch them back out for the next holiday or season. Lovely.

    1. Barb, good to know about the zippers. Maybe I need to learn to do zippers myself, but not so sure it’s would be cost effective it may be cheaper to buy them.

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