What is Wrong with People Today??

Summer PorchThe spring things are just getting on the store shelves in my neck of the woods and I’ve been looking to replace the cushions on our wicker deck furniture. The first photo is the original fabric pattern but over time it’s sun faded and I wanted something neutral. I know I have to buy them as soon as they come out in the store since things here in Michigan are seasonal I’ll only get one chance to pick them up. Stock is limited and if I hold out for a sale I won’t get the quantity I was looking for. 

I finally found these neutral cushions at Lowe’s; they were more than I wanted to pay but I knew if they went on sale in the next 30 days they would refund the difference, so I wasn’t taking my changes of someone else picking them up so into my cart they went. This is where it all starts to get a little crazy; first my cart was heaped so high I couldn’t see over it, and didn’t realize a store employee was waiting at the register to assist me in getting them to my car, so I thought.

Neutral Seat Cushions

There I was at the register swiping my credit card and chatting with the cashier. She’s my favorite worker at Lowes she was a master gardener at one time and she’s so helpful in the garden center. While chatting I happened to notice a man in the lane next to me purchasing a self-standing mailbox with a heavy concrete base and thought nothing of it. Well come to find out the store assistant was there to help that man get the mailbox out and loaded into his vehicle but apparently he thought the man had also purchased the cushions so he was hauling both carts outside at the same time. As he was leaving with them I asked my cashier where my cushions were going and she said the assistant would take them to the curbside for me and I could pull up to load.

So I’m putting my wallet back in my bag and heading to the parking lot only to notice no cushions at the curbside. I happen to look around the parking lot and the store assistant is loading them into the mailbox mans car, and mailbox man is letting him. This is where I say to myself, “WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE”?

So I quickly run across a snow covered parking lot in high heals, I know I know I was dressed for fashion not function that day, and say to the Lowes worker those are my cushions and that man is clearly being dishonest in letting you load them into his car. I looked at mailbox man and he had no look of embarrassment or shame on his face at all, he never even said a word. I’m sure he was going to take my cushions and return them for a store credit at some time since he didn’t have a receipt to support that he’d made the purchase. I paid $260 for those cushions and they weren’t going home with him…….

All I could do was laugh and think to myself that man hasn’t an ounce of honesty or integrity but boy was he bold in thinking he was getting away with something. There are days I feel like I live in the Twilight Zone with all the craziness going on around me. Does anyone else feel like the world and it’s people are a mess? I couldn’t wait to get into my  vehicle and call hubby to tell him what had just happened. I think I needed to tell someone because it was so unbelievable to me. 

By the way I’ve had the deck furniture for about six years and it’s went through several fabric changes you can click the photos below and see all the different looks if you’d like and as soon as the weather breaks I’ll show you my new cushions on the wicker set. 


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  1. Oh my gosh Dawn!!!……yes, what is the world coming to?…..What did the sales associate say to the man?….. This is just an incredibly horrible story about integrity. My dad always taught us kids, that if you do not have integrity, you have nothing. I am so glad that you were able to stop this before he took off with your cushions….Looking forward to your Spring porch and have a great weekend…..

    1. Shirley the sales person didn’t say a thing either and I at least thought he should have asked to see our receipts but he didn’t. My parents too it was important to have morals and ethics but I guess people today just don’t care.

  2. Dawn, I’m with you. What is wrong with people? I would have had to give that man a piece of my mind! Can’t wait to see your latest version of porch decor.

    1. Jane I think I was too stunned to even think clearly. My mouth was probably hanging open in disbelief.

  3. OMG. The nerve of that guy. Good for you in standing up for your rights. Can’t wait to see your porch. Boy, will you have a story to tell.

    1. Diana I can’t believe that guy didn’t seem to care or even try to excuse himself and play it off as a mistake. He was just downright dishonest.

  4. We live in a society of moral and ethical decay. Very sad state of affairs. Glad you realized your situation in time to retrieve your purchase.

    1. Bonnie it seems to be an everyday thing, I’m constantly saying “What the heck is wrong with people”??? It’s crazy out there.

  5. Love the cushions and can’t wait to see them on your furniture! xo Yep, the world is a big crazy place!

    1. Diane if the snow ever melts Im all ready to get outside and start decorating 🙂

  6. Kathleen G says:

    Yes Dawn, I’m too, glad you were able to retrieve your porch cushions. You can use seasonal pop of colors with the neutral cushions.
    Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen yes that’s what I’ll be doing using pillows as accent colors, much cheaper than new cushions all the time. I already have my eye on some just waiting for them to go on sale.

  7. My son is a police officer and, oh my, the stories he can tell about people having no integrity. Really scary what some people think is okay. I’m so glad you confronted mailbox man. Can’t wait to see your spring porches!

    1. Diane, I bet he does have the stories, I would love to hear some. I wonder who is raising these type of people. I would never think of doing such a thing, if I didn’t pay for it it’s not mine. LOL

  8. That’s just incredible. I’m glad it all worked out though. But to have to run down your merchandise in the parking lot? I hope you spoke to the manager. Their employees need to be trained to be better equipped to serve their customers. I can’t wait to see your porch all finished with the new cushions. Also, I love that yellow table on your porch. Is it vintage?

    1. Becky I didn’t even think to go back in the store I was to awe struck with what had just happened. I just loaded my things and went home.

  9. This is unbelievable and he was a very dishonest man. I surely would call a manager of that establishment and make sure they implement a new method for curbside loading. You gotta watch your own front and back so to speak. Can’t wait to see the new decorated porch. Be careful at Wallyworld as well with the cash back thing some of the dishonest checkers were doing! Just a week ago our Discover gas card was hacked and someone put over $500 on our card. : – ( All is well now.

    1. Debbie, OMG the crooks can think of everything. I never have cash so I better starting watching my account, thanks for the tip.

  10. So sad, Dawn. I’m not surprised though. I am so glad you made it out there in time to retrieve your stuff!

    1. Kim It certainly was crazy. I’m sure it happens all the time just not to me normally.

  11. Crazy situation. When I look around today at the younger generation (not all, but most of them), they have no capacity for being honest, respectful, or lots of other qualities that we were raised with. So sad!

    But, glad you got your cushions!!

    Have a great weekend.


    1. Judy I so agree I hate to lump them all together as bad but a big portion unfortunately are that way.

  12. I also can’t believe how dishonest some people can be. If you notice, those same people are very insecure in life, so they do suffer daily. Now I try and focus on the honest people who are willing to help others. I look for the good and try to overlook the bad, unless of course they steal my cushions…ha ha! I’m sorry that happened. At least you caught him! 🙂

    1. Kelly, I too avoid people that bring stress to my life. There’s to many good people to have to deal with the bad. Im glad I was able to get a chuckle out of it though.

  13. What a dishonest person! The cushions are going to look great on your seating and you always make your outdoor spaces so pretty. I must disagree with the comment that most younger people are dishonest or disrespectful. That is not my experience at all. I have worked in a high school for 25 + years and volunteer in the community with young people and young adults and must say that the majority are not capable of what that man did. Our young people regularly contribute hugely of time, products and money to food banks, cancer charities, bullying, etc etc. Yes there are trouble makers and dishonest people but I see in action the vast number of young people that actively encourage these collections and challenge each other. Plus all youth in our province have to do a minimum of 40 hours of non-profit community volunteering in high school as a requirement of graduation and many many exceed that number of hours. I think it speaks more to his class (I don’t mean income level) and how he was raised. I don’t mean to rant but it really bothers me, obviously lol, when older generations group all younger generations that way.

    1. Elizabeth, Yes our high schoolers have to do the community service things too in our area some do well with it and other just fluff off. My son is 21 and is not a dishonest person at all, but some are. I did get a good laugh out of the whole thing, what else could I do. Have a wonderful Sunday!

    1. Linda, lol what can be done. I just had to get over it and realze some people are trash.

  14. What a freaking jerk!!!! I cannot stand dishonesty, in any form! Good for you Dawn, for running out there, high heels and all, and getting your daggone cushions!!!
    xo Kris

    1. LOL Kris I bet I was quite the sight. They know not to mess with me next time.LOL

  15. Cheryl Major says:

    Some people !! What a creep for sure. It never seises to amaze me why some people feel entitled to take what is not there’s. And the nerve actually feeling entitled !! Stupidly comes in all ages .

    1. Cheryl Im laughing here I like that phrase “stupid comes in all ages”. Thats for sure.

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