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Yellow Kitchen Ideas

Painted Bar Stools in Soft Duckling Yellow Add a Pop of Color to this Log Homes Kitchen The painting mission continues….the next victim on my list was the kitchen bar stools and I used Soft Duckling again…. I know, I know I just painted them recently in a neutral color and before that they were green but I just couldn’t live with them being so blah. It’s just not me!

Painted Bar Stools in Soft Duckling Yellow Add a Pop of Color to this Log Homes Kitchen After trying several types of paint I decided the only way to keep them clean was to have a slick surface (which means no more chalk paint or anything similar) I had to go with a high gloss paint it’s washable and durable. I’ve never been one for shiny painted surfaces but after trying to keep the stools clean without success I was ready for anything. 

Painted Bar Stools in Soft Duckling Yellow Add a Pop of Color to this Log Homes Kitchen My son comes home from work completely filthy, he’s so grimy that stuff hardly washes off his skin. The first place he plops after work is right here at the island and I don’t care what I used to clean the chairs that black stuff he’s coated in would just embed into the paint pores. But not anymore the solution was the high gloss paint, everything wipes right off it. 

SunflowersI used my Graco sprayer to paint the bar stools and did it outside one afternoon. I always dread painting but like the outcome once I’m done and to me the yellow just makes the kitchen look cheery, and I bet come winter it will seems that way all the more. 

Painted Bar Stools in Soft Duckling Yellow Add a Pop of Color to this Log Homes Kitchen Now I have a question to ask….my microwave is starting to give out it doesn’t seem to be getting hot anymore so I’m looking to replace it. What would you do? Replace it with a white one even though the cupboards are off white or would you do stainless again? I did some checking and off white appliances aren’t being manufactured anymore the choices are black, white, stainless, and a new color that looks like oil rubbed bronze. I told hubby as they died I would replace them with off white but apparently that won’t be an option.

Painted Bar Stools in Soft Duckling Yellow Add a Pop of Color to this Log Homes Kitchen I don’t dislike the stainless I was just thinking the kitchen would look more seamless with off white appliances. Here’s the other option….paint the cupboards white, which I think is to harsh against the logs, and get the white appliances. Hubby also suggested taking the appliances to an auto body paint shop and have the painted whatever color I wanted. That sounds like a lot of work to me though. 

Painted Bar Stools in Soft Duckling Yellow Add a Pop of Color to this Log Homes Kitchen So give me your opinion on what choice you would make if it was your place. I think since we are going to sell I need to do what’s easiest and the least expensive which would be replace the microwave with another stainless one.  Oh the decisions!!


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  1. Jennifer Williams says:

    Love! Love! Love the yellow barstools! They completely transform the whole room! <3

    1. Jennifer I agree it’s amazing how a paint color can change the whole look.

      1. Penney Williams says:

        I love it! Will have to put that sprayer on my wish list. We are contemplating black high gloss to redo our kitchen cabinets. I have a couple quarts but it will take a lot more as I have more cabinets than heaven 🙂

        1. Penney I have lot’s of cabinets and I gave mine two coats of paint and didn’t come close to using even a gallon. I bet you could do it with what you already have. I had black lower cabinets in our guest cottage for years and white uppers.

          1. Penney Williams says:

            Good to know Dawn, thanks 🙂 I look forward to getting started on them right after we close the pool for the season 🙂

  2. Cheryl Major says:

    The stools look so happy. I really like them. Yellow is one of my favorite colours. Now, for your microwave…..if you plan on selling your house, I’d keep it as easy and budget friendly for you as possible and go with another stainless steel one. Hope this helps.

    1. Cheryl I love yellow too but its a color that’s hard to get right thats for sure. I think the best option is stainless too 🙂

  3. As you said with moving coming up the least expensive option seems the best to me. Will the present microwave hang in till you move, then you won’t have to make that decision.

    1. Linda Im fine with how it’s working but hubby and son are complaining about it. It’s not an expensive purchase so I don’t mind replacing it, but Im with you the least expensive route is the best.

  4. stainless microwave…i just went thru this…although found a cute one in red and one in blue…i believe i saw them at target

    1. Anne I have to have one that mounts above the stove and has the range hood in the bottom so I think that is limiting me.

  5. Oh my gosh Dawn the yellow is beautiful and sooooo perfect in this room. I am thinking about doing yellow and white in some rooms when we move. I love yellow added to whites. Your cabin looks so sweet and pretty. Love this. Great choice of color.

    1. Thank you Kris, I love yellow too and Im so glad I found a yellow that doesn’t look orangy.

  6. Love the stools and it is the color that shines not the sheen so hi gloss for practicality is a must for ease of cleaning, good choice. Plus the yellow is just so happy.

    1. Yes Pam I had to go with the cleaning ability for sure, and the shine is growing on me.

  7. Love your Yellow barstools. I’ve never thought of painting our maple kitchen chairs, but looking at your bar stools I’m considering it. A lot of sanding would be involved though—-Regarding your microwave. We replaced our range and microwave with a new color that has been out for a few years from GE. “Slate” I think it would look lovely with your counter tops. Actually the handle on the microwave is stainless steel, but the rest of the color is a charcoal grey=Slate.http://www.build.com/ge-pvm9179/s1080774 I love the color, and while we didn’t do the whole kitchen, we couldn’t afford everything new—I will replace the dishwasher and fridge in the same color when we can.

    1. Angie, I just looked at the slate in a store this week and it looks like a dark brown to me, if I had to the color I’d call it oil rubbed bronze, and we have black countertops. I wonder why it looks brown to me? I really wanted something lighter but it doesn’t look like it’s going to be possible 🙂 If you decide to do your chairs they make a product that is a liquid sand, all you do is rub it on and paint over it, it works great.

      1. Well, Dawn, I have the microwave and range —and my GE Slate color is definitely a very dark Charcoal Grey, verging on Black. So, I don’t know what your store is showing as Slate. But, it looks brown to you. Lighting in the store? Slate as I see it would look great with your countertops. I can send you photos of my range and microwave if you want.

        1. Angie, thanks for the input I definitely don’t want to go with anything similar to black I want to go lighter if anything. I think it would make the kitchen flow better with no breaks in the look of the cupboards.

  8. Dawn
    Your yellow is such a nice soft colour and I think it will work perfect for every seasons décor!
    About the micro nuke; what you have now looks great. I would just replace it.

    1. Kim, Im thinking the stainless is the cheapest way to go for now.

  9. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    I love blue and yellow together…Your place is so open and light and airy…I just love it..are you sure you want to sell?

    1. Nancy I question every day whether we should sell or not. Right now Im just living one day at a time and feel like what’s meant to be will fall into place. I have been looking at other homes to buy just in case though.

    1. Angela I looked at the slate and it looks brown in person so that ones out and they told me the Bisque is being discontinued 🙁

  10. Dawn I love the soft yellow you painted your bar stools they look so good with your denim slipcovers!!

    1. Thank you Martina I am loving the fresh new feel the yellow gives the space.

  11. Well, we don’t even have a microwave so my option since you will be selling is to keep what you have and let the new owners choose what they want. It seems like the new people make changes anyway. Can you live without a microwave?

    Thanks for the gloss idea on the chairs. Mine are so difficult to keep clean and now I know why.

    1. Carol what no microwave I think your the first person I know that doesn’t have one. I don’t think my son or hubby can live without one. Yes the high gloss is the trick it only took me 20 years to figure it out.

      1. Steve shops almost daily for fresh food, he makes small portions and we never have leftovers.

        I reverted to making popcorn on the stove the way we made it when we lived in Jamaica and no one had a microwave.

        I can honestly say that there has not been one day that we have missed the microwave and we took it out, due to limited to space, in 2006.

        1. Wow Carol that’s amazing. We live so far out that we have to stockpile food and I like to make extra and heat it up for lunches during the week. Any chance I get to reheat rather than make a new meal, I’m all for it.

  12. The yellow stools look amazing! You should be so proud of the lovely color and your skills! I vote stainless for the microwave with a vent hood option if you don’t have a vent. I can’t live without mine in winter. Best of luck!

  13. Your barstools look great in yellow! It is such a sunshine color! As for the microwave, since your stove is black w/ stainless I would probably try to match the microwave to that. Decisions, decisions………

    1. Susan yes I have decided to keep stainless 🙁 and that way I won’t have to replace everything.

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