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Yellow Painted Coffee Table in Soft Duckling

Yellow Paint Color | Soft Duckling | CreativeCainCabin.comFor those of you who follow me on Instagram you’ve seen I’ve been painting everything. Lately my craft projects consist of painting and sewing. I seem to have an addiction to fabric these days and have been making things from my Vintage Farmgirl Book. Im not to fond of the distressed or chippy look on painted pieces these days so everything’s getting a solid coat of paint. The first on my list was to change the coffee table to, Soft Duckling Yellow. 

Yellow Paint Color | Soft Duckling | CreativeCainCabin.comYellow Paint Color | Soft Duckling | CreativeCainCabin.com

The look before this had yellow legs and a cream distressed top. This time it’s all one color. I grabbed my paint swatch book and picked the first yellow that stood out to me and before I got to the store I was second guessing myself thinking it may be to bright. Once I entered the store I told myself I needed to go with my first instinct, and I’m so happy that I did. I’m really in love with the color. I thought it might be too much with the tone of the floor and walls, and then decided I was going with what I liked no matter what. It’s such a happy color to me. 

Yellow Paint Color | Soft Duckling | CreativeCainCabin.com

I also added a few new pillow covers to the sofa and washed the slipcover too while I was at it. I love to sew and go in spurts with doing it. It’s one of those projects that I have to be in the mood for and have something to actually make. I’m trying to limit my fabric purchases to only things I have a project in mind for, and so far I’m doing pretty well. Im quite proud of myself. I’ve made a fall runner, a pillow slipcover, a pot holder, and a small table square so far. I intend to make a twin size quilt for use on the sofa if I can find the time. 

Yellow Paint Color | Soft Duckling | CreativeCainCabin.comDid you notice in the background, the table underneath the guitar used to be turquoise but now’s Witty Green? Yep that got a coat of paint too, and I’ll be back later to show you a close up. I also want to paint those kids school chairs if I can figure out how to get them apart. It’s not a regular screw holding the seat and back on, so when hubby has a chance I’ll have him take a look that them. 

I ask myself why someone who hates to paint has been painting everything in sight? Maybe I’m on a mission to change that hate to love…. I still have my dining room chairs and bar stools to paint, and that will need to be done with my sprayer so keep your fingers crossed that the weather holds out for me.


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  1. I love the little table in yellow and your cute pillows. I’m on a painting kick again, too from furniture, to lamps to candlesticks. Must be in nesting mode for winter coming up.

    1. Kim yes Im trying to get everything done before winter hits. I like to paint outside and here the weather turns so fast one day it’s warm and cold the next.

    1. Jennifer yellow is one of those colors that can go so wrong, but luckily this one is perfect.

  2. You are really on a painting spree, Dawn.
    I like the changes. Now I’m wondering what
    colour you’ll be painting the dining table…..

    1. Kim the table is the only piece I will never paint, hubby objects to it, so the chairs will be getting the new color.

  3. Love your sweet table Dawn. Looks so pretty in the yellow perfect for the cabin. I love your pillows too. Have a great holiday.

    1. Kris hope you have a good day today….wish the heat would let up though.

  4. I love the yellow table, the shade of yellow and the cute little chairs pulled up to the table.

    1. Carol I have a thing for childrens chairs for some reason and I have to stop myself from buying more.

  5. That’s such a pretty shade of yellow, Dawn. You were right to go with your gut. I have always loved the cheerfulness that yellow adds to a room.

    1. JoAnne this is the perfect yellow, Im so glad I went with my first instinct. I had the fear it would look like a big school bus, it happily its not.

  6. Your table looks sweet with your cute little schoolhouse chairs! I’m not much into faux chippy painting either. I think I had enough of that look during my decorative painting years in the 80’s and 90’s. I love all the bright colors against your log walls!

    1. Vickie it just hit me one day….Im over the distressed look and from then on Ive been on a mission to make all my painted pieces solid.

  7. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Very pretty Dawn…I think I need to use some yellow around here…

    1. Nancy yellow is such a hard color to get right but Im loving this one.

    1. Pam it’s certainly not looking like fall decor right now but I like all the happy colors.

  8. If a colour makes you happy, then you should use it. Bonus that is suits your colourful style too. The pillows are very pretty.

    1. Elizabeth yes I have to go with what I like, not what’s in style!

    1. Linda I love yellow and this one is perfect I think 🙂

    1. Thank you Linda Im enjoying the happy color right now and with it getting close to winter and less sunlight I think I’ll like it all the more.

  9. Dawn, your table (s) and pillow covers look so inviting! I think I’ll have to drop in for a visit!!! lol Nice choices!

    1. Susan drop by anytime 🙂 I would love to have you!!

  10. I forgot to ask: what’s the soft duckling yellow paint brand?

    1. Susan it’s a Valspar color but I had it made in Pittsburgh paint in high gloss, I find the gloss is so much easier to keep clean.

  11. Totally that time of year to spruce up and paint and rearrange. I really love that coffee table makeover. I am with you on the whole distressing phase (over it) lol!

    1. Debbie it’s funny how we go in stages so Im on a painting mission lately and things looks so fresh and new again.

  12. Jill moore says:

    I love your blog but the pop-up ads at the bottom are getting out of control! I use an iPad and have a difficult time removing them so I can view your blog. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. Jill I will have to look on my ipad I never view blogs that way. You should be able to exit out of them like any other ad. I will look into it.

      1. Jill moore says:

        No worries…..it may be just me! I feel like I “x” out of one and another comes right up immediately. Just a little frustrating but I’ll keep following!

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