How to Decorate a Fall Porch for Under $40

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How to Decorate a Porch for Under $40 | Fall Whiskey Barrel | Creative Cain Cabin I spent yesterday working on getting the side porch all ready for fall. I wanted to take advantage of the few nice days we have left. I know that winter is creeping up on us and I didn’t want to get stuck decorating in my mittens, it was sunny and 50 degree yesterday….the perfect temps to work outside.  

Rustic Fall Porch | Creative Cain Cabin

My goal was to get the look I wanted for under $40, and I’m happy to say I did it by shopping local and purchasing from farmers. Around here you can find big wagon loads of pumpkins piled high for next to nothing compared to the prices you find in stores. 

Rustic Fall Decor | Creative Cain Cabin Here’s what I picked up:

8 pumpkins @ $2 = $16

2 evergreens @ $5 = $10

2 mums @ $4 = $8

20 gourds and squash @ $.25 = $5

TOTAL = $39

Natural Fall Elements For Decorating | Creative Cain Cabin I was so happy to come in under budget. I also have a few tips for making containers appear fuller, which means less things to buy.

1. Fill the dead space of the container with plastic water bottles, rocks, packing peanuts or anything that takes up space and is free.

2. Use straw around the pumpkins and gourds it give it a base to rest on and fills in any blank areas.

3. Layer large items to the back and pick one oversized element to fill the majority of the space, since pumpkins were cheap this is what I picked.

4. Purchase live items that can carry you into the next season. I picked the evergreen, it can be used in my winter decor as well.

5. Add edible elements such as squash and pie pumpkins. As the season gets on you can eat those things.

6. Add anything from your garden such as mums and sunflower heads. I cut my sunflowers off so decided to place the heads in the containers, not only are they pretty they will also be feed for the birds. 

 I made the door wreath earlier in the season, and it all came together with very little effort. I’ll be back next week with another project using sunflower heads.






  1. says

    Wow your stuff is cheaper there than it is here. I love that giant sunflower head.

    • says

      Kim, apparently where I’m at the prices are much better on this type of items. I have had several comments saying their prices are higher.

    • says

      Thank you Martina ๐Ÿ™‚ and I was lucky to have a nice day to decorate.

  2. says

    Morning, Dawndie! Oh, you did do good and your porch looks wonderful! Not to say you really got some bargains! Wish I could find things at those great prices! Love the huge sunflower bloom! Have a beautiful day.
    be a sweetie,
    shelia ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • says

      Shelia, I bet with you being in NY the prices are higher. I have good ole’ midwest prices here.

  3. susjc says

    Awesome fall decorating! Very affordable and well designed! Loving it!

    • says

      Thank you so much. I was happy to get it all done in one day and within my budget.

  4. says

    Looks wonderful! Around here, however, we have too many critters that will eat the pumpkins and gourds on the porch. The Bloedel Reserve is down the street and they do a Squash Scavenger Hunt all through the property. I asked them how they keep the pumpkins from being eaten. They don’t, they said, they just put out so many the critters can’t eat them all. I am thinking of spraying some with a sealer or even hair spray as a deterrent. I just want real pumpkins on my porch!

    • says

      Barb, that is so interesting. We have plenty of critters but I guess they have never bothered my pumpkins. I wonder if you could spray with with some hot pepper juice to keep them away. I have to use real too, the fake ones would blow away here.

  5. says

    Just gorgeous girl! I swear it was like looking at magazine photos. Stunning.

    • says

      Thank you Debbie for the kind comment ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. says

    It all looks so wonderful I wish our pumpkins were that inexpensive. ๐Ÿ™‚
    xo Laura

    • says

      Laura, I have heard they are costly in other parts of the country. I guess we have an overabundance here.

  7. says

    Your Fall porch is beautiful, Dawn!
    I especially love that you added small cypress trees to your Fall barrels. The green height is quite pretty.
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Have a great weekend,

    • says

      Suzanne, the green cypress trees were a steal too. Loved that I picked them up in the clearance section. Made it all come together.

  8. Cynde says

    I’m Midwest too….rural IL on the outskirts of Chicago, & we even don’t have prices that good. But now I’m inspired to look harder….or next year grow my own. Question though, I see what looks like the top of a solar lite in the barrel. Do you have them lit at night?

    • says

      Cynde, good eye. Yes I placed 2 solar lights in each barrel and they are on all night long.

  9. Nancy Blue Moon says

    Very pretty Dawn..we have good prices here in rural PA too..buying from farmers is the best way to save..

  10. says

    Your porch looks so welcoming.

    I haven’t decorated yet, but I think my only expense will be the pumpkins I buy.

    • says

      Carol, I just did our front porch today after I said I wasn’t going to lOl.

    • says

      Thank you for dropping in Amy ๐Ÿ™‚ The whiskey barrels are a favorite of mine this year.

  11. Cheryl Major says

    How Beautiful and Rustic ! Your prices are amazing. Here in North-Eastern Ontario, Canada…we can get none of those supplies until the mid to late September at the earliest. Our gourdes are always between $2-$4 each…the pumpkins are standard price at $4 each…sunflowers are impossible to buy except small ones in a bouquet. As always you give me great inspiration! Thank You .

    • says

      Cheryl luckily I live in a small community where the farmers sell things for nothing, or I would never decorate at all.

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