DIY No Sew Owl Pillow

No Sew DIY Owl Pillow With Template. Can Be Used for Fabric or Paper Crafts to Make Your Own One Of a Kind Creation

Happy Sunday all! First I want to appologize if you're a blogger and I haven't been by to comment this month and if you're a regular reader and have noticed my comment section is on the fritz. (Scroll to the bottom of the post and I will explain both … [Read more...]

Am I A Hoarder

Purging a Closet of Things I Don't Wear and Donating them to Charity or a Resale Shop. Don't Get Weighed Down By Clutter.

Please tell me I'm not a hoarder!!! Well where do I's fall after all and I've been on a mission to get my to-do-list wrapped up before winter. Here's how it all started, my husband's step dad passed recently so his brother and him drove … [Read more...]

Halloween Decorations

How to Preserve Pumpkins For Decorating | Creative Cain Cabin

It's almost October and that means Halloween....and I've never had a trick-or-treater at our house. We live so far out in the sticks that no one bothers.  I don't even buy candy to be prepared. I've always figured if someone happens to stumble … [Read more...]

Upcycle Painted Frame

Buy an oversized ugly painting at a garage sale for pennies and turn it into a new piece of art by framing out an existing painting or sculpture

I purchased an oversized ugly painting at a garage sale for $1, not sure of what I would do with it but I knew a dollar was a good buy for a true wooden frame, and turn it into a new piece of art by framing out my cow print.  I had … [Read more...]

Rustic Fall Porch

How To Make A Weeping Cherry Branches Wreath

I'm back as promised to show you the entire side entrance porch all decorated for fall. I felt it was a little too early to start using pumpkins so opted to use mums and cornstalks for now. I will get pumpkins, but not until later into the season … [Read more...]