Purple Martin House

Purple Martin Birdhouse

Boy have we been taking advantage of the nice warm days here. Hubby was kind enough to put up my Purple Martin house this week. Look at all those rooms in that mansion. I’ve wanted one for quite some time but didn’t want to pay the price. Have you … [Read more...]

Vinyl House Numbers

Vinyl House Numbers Made With A Silhouette

On a whim I decided to add our house numbers to the front door. Where I live not many people display their house numbers, for one the homes are back from the road far enough you can’t see a house number and secondly we live in such a small community … [Read more...]

Pigeon Birdhouse

White Pigeon Bird Houe

I'm calling this my Pigeon Birdhouse because that's the bird I think this fella resembles. Anyone have a better guess? Anyway I thought it was pretty cute and at a good price so I brought it home. The more I looked at it the more confused I was. The … [Read more...]