Pizza Makes Me Itch

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PIzza | CreativeCainCabin.comI’ve had the strangest thing happen to me over the last 6 months, every time I eat pizza I itch all over and it gets worse the more pizza I eat. I know it sounds strange but over time I think I’ve become allergic to pizza. 

It started out by just my face tingling after I ate a slice, I could feel my skin start to get hot and then it had a slight tingle. I thought nothing of it, but the next time I ate pizza it happened again and this time my neck also had the same sensation. Well last night I ate a slice and and this time my whole body itched but not the kind of itch you could scratch it felt like the itch came from under my skin within my body not on top where it could be scratched.

I’ve tried store bought pizza, and restaurant pizza all with the same results. I haven’t tried eating my home made pizza to see if that does it to me too.

Why after all these years would I suddenly become sensitive to pizza? Let me tell you I’m not happy about it one bit, I love pizza but it looks like I will no longer be able to eat it.

I know after I turned 40 I mean 29 I became allergic to most soaps but with time I seem to have aged my way out of that so hopefully the pizza thing will straighten itself out too. Has anyone else had a similar allergy crop up with age?




  1. Linda says

    Hi Dawn, I would take each part of the pizza and eat it by its self. To see if it is a true allergy. That way you could narrow it down to the sauce or the cheese or what ever. Be careful as if your throat starts to itch you will probably need to take some Benedryl.
    Hope you figure it out.

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      Linda, that’s a great idea, but I must say I’m a little paranoid to try it again just for that reason. We don’t live close to a big town so getting help would take a while.

  2. says

    I wonder which ingredient in pizza is causing your reaction?….Some spice?…have you isolated the ingredients to break down the mystery?…Yes, I developed an allergy to shellfish….I ate shrimp all my life and then suddenly I developed an allergy to it…the doctor said that was a not so uncommon experience….

    • says

      Shirley, if I had to guess I would say it’s a spice. Very interesting to hear about your shellfish allergy now….maybe mine isn’t so strange then.

  3. says

    Gosh, that’s no fun! I hope you figure out what’s triggering the reaction. Then maybe you can alter the recipe?


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      Claudia yes if I have the nerve to try it again. I may make my homemade and see what happens then.

  4. Nancy Spears says

    This is very concerning. The episodes are escalating. The next one may be much worse. Please see your doctor as soon as possible and have Benedryl on hand.

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      Nancy, I agree they are escalating. Maybe my best bet is to just never eat pizza again.

      • Rhonda says

        I’ve had a similar thing develop! I am 42. I love pizza but in the last year I’ve noticed after eating it the tops of my feet itch like crazy! It is worse with pizza from some places like Little Caesars. I think it’s a spice but haven’t been tested.

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          Rhonda mine was worse with Little Caesars too you may be onto something there with the spices.

  5. Brenda says

    I agree that you should have Benadryl on hand, I became allergic to jalapeño peppers when I was older. Even though I try to avoid them, they can be in all sorts of items as an ingredient. I’ve learned the hard way to read labels! If it becomes more severe, you should have allergy testing done to help pinpoint the culprit.

    • says

      Brenda, I hadn’t thought whatever is causing it could be in other things. Hmmm you got me thinking now!

  6. Betsy Ritchie says

    Sorry to hear this Dawn. I know someone who had a similar experience. Turns out she developed an allergy to wheat. Pies, pizzas, pasta, bread, etc. She still partakes now and again, but still has mild symptoms.

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      Betsy, hmmm interesting I will definitely have to be more aware of what I eat and see if any similar symptoms occur with other foods. Why couldn’t I be allergic to Chocolate instead, LOL.

  7. Sandy says

    Hi Dawn I love pizza too but would do what Linda suggested. When I hit my 40s I developed a very severe reaction
    to broccoli. Dr called it a sensitivity. Oh my it was awful like the worst flu x’s 2. A few years later same thing with eggs, scrambled, boiled etc. I deleted those from my diet for a long time and carefully tried them again. Broccoli needs to really well cooked (no Chinese food with broccoli) and I can eat eggs selectively. Maybe this thing is hormone related
    It is definitely a good idea to have anti-histamine on hand

    • says

      Sandy, I would guess it is hormone related getting close to that menopause age 🙁 and other strange things are going on like severe headaches. Now I could give up broccoli, but pizza……I love that stuff. Thanks for the advice 🙂

  8. crafty.grandma says

    Sorry to hear about your new found allergy. When I was pregnant with my son (who is now almost 34), I developed a rash every time I ate spaghetti, lasagna, pizza or tomatoes. Yep it was a reaction to the tomatoes….fast forward today – 34 years later – every now and then when I eat tomatoes, I break out in a rash…it’s the acid in my body. Two Christmas’ ago, my daughter was getting ready to come here and drinking a cup of tea. She showered and when she got out her face was all swollen and distorted (she looked like an alien)!! Her husband called my son to come watch the kids who called us to come to watch the kids!! LOL!! She spent a week in the hospital going through tests. By the time she got to the hospital, and they only stopped at the pharmacy to get some Benadryl, (45 minutes drive) they had to give her an inhaler immediately. She now wears a bracelet and carries an epi pin….all because of an herbal tea!!! which was not new, had drank it many times before. Doctor said as your body changes (she was 38), you can develop allergies….this is someone that never had an allergy except for shellfish which again was at her bf wedding she swelled up like a harpoon…someone had benadryl and she was ok except that she never eats shellfish!!! AS our bodies get older, we get different reactions or it could be that whatever they are putting in the food causes a reaction. It’s not easy to find the common ground.

    • says

      Sounds like age is the factor for sure, everything goes south after 40 apparently in more ways than one. LOL

  9. Sue says

    I just stumbled on your blog… but I developed an allergy to nuts as an adult (I carry an epi pen). But I get the face flush, as I call it, when I have certain foods that have preservatives or MSG. I also carry Benadryl with me when I don’t need the epi pen. There is blood work that can be done (RASP test) to check on allergies, but I also did the skin tests. It is tough getting older!!

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      Sue, first thank you for dropping by today and hope you come back again 🙂 I will have to drop some Benadryl in my bag too, but yes age is what’s doing it and I hope it stops at pizza.

  10. says

    Dawn, I have heard of this with others and pizza. My first thought is gluten but if you can eat other foods with gluten then that’s not the culprit. I believe someone suggested a spice along the comments; that may be it.

    Pooh, not fun. Hope you get it resolved soon.

    • says

      Windi, yes I don’t think gluten is what’s doing it and I can eat cheese so that’s not it. Im thinking its something in the sauce. I will have to give my homemade a go and see what happens. I’m a little leery to try any pizza now.

  11. Beverly Nelson says

    Hi Dawn, love your creativity! So sorry to hear about your allergy. This may help to know. I went to 4 or 5 Dr.’s because I got hives, itching, stinging and that hot flushed feeling after eating or drinking certain things. Finally, an allergist who is a professor at a medical school diagnosed an allergy to any food or medicine that has salicylates. It’s a chemical found in tomatoes, citrus fruit, potatoes, aspirin, and many other things. I have to read labels to avoid this. He also prescribed Zyrtec antihistamine, which you can now get over the counter. I take one every morning. If I miss a dose, I start itching and stinging, etc. I’ve also had all my Dr.’s put that I’m allergic to aspirin, and certain foods, on my medical chart. Before this Dr. discovered the cause of my allergy, my mouth started stinging and went numb and the back of my throat began to swell. There is something called anaphylactic shock that you can have. My mom had this from eating shrimp after age 40. Take care & good luck, Bev

    • says

      Beverly, Wow very interesting…. I had a severe injury about 2 years ago and took so many aspirin I now have side affects from it, I wonder if that has caused some of this?

      • Beverly Nelson says

        Dawn, in my email I forgot to mention that aspirin is high in salicylates. That’s why the Dr. told me to have all my medical records include an aspirin allergy. Before I began having allergic reactions, I had injured my back and was taking lots of aspirin. You did us all a favor by mentioning your allergic reaction. I told my husband about all the responses to your blog and he was amazed that people can suddenly develop an allergic reaction to a food or ingredient they’ve ingested for years. He had a severe reaction to sulfa drugs. Let us hear how you’re doing, Bev

        • says

          Beverly, very interesting I think the aspirin triggered mine. I will keep you updated once I try my own pizza.

  12. Jennifer says

    Hey there! Did you ever find out what it was in the pizza? I am having the same problems. Help!

    • says

      Jennifer it’s sugar, preservatives, and gluten.

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