DIY Ring Bling

I know you have all seen the large costume rings that are in style right now.  Many of you have seen them right here on this blog.
I am officially the queen of gaudy jewelry!
I just love it.
Follow along to make your own flashy ring in less than 3 minutes.
What you will need
Side cutters
Large gaudy button of your choice
Ring form (can be purchased at Hobby Lobby or Oriental Trading)
Clear JB Weld (can be purchased at Menards in the paint dept)

1.  Use your side cutters to cut the loop off the button where it would usually be attached to the garment.

2.  Mix a small amount of JB Weld with a toothpick.  (Make sure you purchase the clear and not the black)

3.  Apply a generous amount of the epoxy onto the ring form and press into the back side of the button.

4.  Let dry for 2-3 hours.

Wallah, you now have a trendy, flashy new ring to add to your collection.

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