Christmas Decorating on a Budget Idea #3

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Christmas Decorating on a Budget Idea #3
Don’t have a place to cut a real tree, Don’t have a place to store an artificial tree, Need a little decorating on your front porch?
Well here’s the solution….

No cost decorating using something most people already own..
A Painters Ladder.

 I doesn’t matter the condition either, since you won’t be using it to climb on.

I chose to put it on our front porch.  It looks like an actually tree from the drive way at night, when lit.

I went old school and brought out the old ceramic lights, the ones with 
the huge bulbs.


Cut some leftover landscaping burlap into strips to use as garland.

For a little color I tied a lantern, with a gingham ribbon to the
top rung.

This project cost zip, zero…. I used things that were already laying around.

I actually like the fact that there’s no pine needles to clean up.

The rest of the Budget Decorating Series can be seen 



Ladder Christmas Tree






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  1. says

    It is adorable – and would look perfect on our covered back porch. Alas, the only ladders we have are yellow fiberglass! Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  2. says

    Dawn what a fun idea,this is fantastic.Love the use of the old ladder and lights,I know it shapes up just like a Christmas tree…fabulous my friend!
    I’ll be parting with ya Monday night!
    I’ve just about thru with the deco.
    Jo @ LoblollyLane

  3. says

    Well! Aren’t you creative! :) I would like to see a picture from a distance. The close ups are beautiful! You sure know how to make a ladder look good!

  4. says

    That is so darn clever of you and would fit in perfectly on your front porch. Because our neighborhood was built on an old farm, the “powers that be” decided to use some windmills (new but made to look old) at the entrances to our neighborhood. At Christmas time they put white lights all over & they are so pretty. A few people around the neighborhood have small replicas of windmills, and I could definitely go for one of those. We all have a windmill icon on our house numbers, and the windmill icon is the official emblem for all of our HOA info. Sorry for carrying, but your ladder reminded me of our windmills!

  5. says

    Now how adorable is this project? What a staement and it looks so perfectly rustic in your home. Where did you ever find a wood ladder? Visiting from Homespun Holidays over at Cedar Hill Ranch. Have a wonderful weekend!!!
    XO Barbara

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