Fabric Pumpkin Pattern

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Fabric Pumpkin Pattern | Creative Cain Cabin Have you seen these cute as ever fabric pumpkins all over Pinterest? Well, not only are they easy but they’re fun to make. You can put them together with fabric glue, or sew them. I chose to sew mine and I hot glued the stem and leaves onto the top. I recycled all my materials. The check fabric was previously a curtain, the white was a sweater and the brown was leftover fabric from another project. I used polyfill to stuff the pumpkins and cut a branch from a tree for the stems. 

Fabric Pumpkin Pattern | Creative Cain Cabin So far I haven’t decided where to use them in my fall decor, but I know I will find a place for them. You can find the pattern here, and watch out they become very addictive to make. I’m spending the rest of the week swapping over my living room slipcovers and making some new pillows. I hope to have it all ready for next week’s reveal.




  1. says

    I can see how these would be addicting…but honestly I don’t know how you fit this sort of thing in! Very cute and thanks for the pattern link. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. says

    I love these. I am getting a hankering to sew again. There is nothing so satisfying as sitting and sewing on a rainy day. Between you and Ann over at On Sutton Place with inspirational projects I have quite a sewing list. This is going to be a fun winter.

  3. LeAnn Crouch says

    I love your blog! Great ideas and your color choices are awesome. You take amazing pictures too!

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