Fall Watercolor Prints

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Fall Pumpkin Watercolor | Creative Cain CabinYep call me crazy, like I don’t have enough on my plate right now….I found a new hobby, watercolor painting. I’ve had the paints and paper bought for quite some time but just decided to give it a whirl. Now, I’m no artist by any stretch of the imagination but I can do a simple sketch and paint it and with time I’m hoping to get better. Pumpkin Watercolor Print | Creative Cain CabinClick Here to Download the Fall Pumpkin Watercolor

Fall Indian Corn Watercolor Creative Cain Cabin I thought you might enjoy having my first masterpieces…hahaha….so I created a printable version. All the pieces will print off as an 8X8, but feel free to adjust them to fit your needs. I currently have mine framed and matted in the 12X12 size. You can either click on the downloadable link below each print or right click and save. Indian Corn Watercolor | Creative Cain Cabin Click Here to Download the Fall Indian Corn Watercolor

Fall Sunflower Watercolor | Creative Cain Cabin I currently have mine hanging in our entry way hall but it’s not a good spot for photo taking. Even my boys noticed and commented on how nice they looked. I hope you find a place to use a few of my watercolors in your home. They also make fun greeting cards, if you don’t need printable art. I’m sure you will think of a someway to use them ๐Ÿ™‚ Sunflower Watercolor | Creative Cain Cabin Click Here to Download the Fall Sunflower Watercolor




  1. says

    Well done Dawn, they say the busier you are the more you can do, and you are proving that.
    I love the sunflower and pumpkin, and I’m sure they are a wonderful addition to your entrance way.

    • says

      Thank you Linda, I am enjoying the simplicity of watercolors. I guess I can only make so many though. What will I do with them all? LOL

  2. says

    Okay, you are crazy but in a good way of course! Wonderful job on your watercolors, they’re really beautiful! I’m guessing that painting is also a stress reliever and with all that you have going on, I’m sure you need that!

    • says

      JoAnne, I had never thought of it as a stress relief but Im sure it is and yes I am in need of that.

  3. says

    You are one talented girl, Dawn!!! What beautiful paintings! I love the Indian corn! Thanks for sharing!!!!

    • says

      Yvonne, thanks for stopping in. I think the indian corn was my first attempt.

  4. susjc says

    How very pretty and one of a kind! I call my drawings “Stickwork 101”. lol You did a great job and thanks for sharing them with us!

    • says

      LOL, love the stickwork term….maybe that’s what mine should be called.

  5. says

    Oh you talented girl! They are lovely. You did a stellar job.


    • says

      Thank you Claudia, hopefully I get better with time.

  6. Kathleen G says

    First I thought it was the watercolor app. Soft autumnal colors. Love the pumpkin! Creative Dawn, is who you are, love your blog, Kathleen in Az

    • says

      Kathleen, nope no app this time it’s the real deal.

  7. says

    I have been dying to get back to watercolors but I have refrained. Like you I have so much going but it keeps calling to me. I look forward to seeing more of your watercolors.

    • says

      Thank you Pamela, I wanted to work on more today but who knows if I will have the time. They’re so fun to do.

  8. says

    When I first took a watercolor class, the instructor told us to always frame our art work. Framing it makes such a difference. Your pictures are wonderful…I especially like the sunflower.

    • says

      Balisha, thanks for the tip. I agree framing made all the difference, before it was just a curled up piece of paper.

  9. says

    Dawn, I love your watercolor paintings! I have been taking some art classes over the past year but we’ve never gotten around to watercolors and that’s what I wanted to try!

    • says

      Jane, how fun actual classes. Ive never had a class I just make it up as I go along. LOL

  10. Aunt K O. says

    So heart-warming & beautiful! I’ll make prints for sure! You’re one multi-talented gal!

  11. says

    What fun it is to pick up an art brush and paint away! Good for you!! -Bev

    • says

      Bev, thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ I certainly enjoyed the whole process.

  12. Pat Peele says

    These are beautiful! You did a great job. I have my paper, paints and brushes. Do I copy these directly off on watercolor paper or do I print and then transfer to watercolor paper with pencil? My printer is inkjet. Thanks

    • says

      Pat, if you are wanting to paint them yourself I would just use transfer paper to sketch the design. If you just want to do nothing, just print with your inkjet printer and frame.

    • says

      Thank you Debbie, the sunflower is my favorite too.

    • says

      Thank Kris, who knew I may have some talent for watercolors. LOL

    • says

      Thank you Martina, I hope they get better with more practice.

  13. Laura says

    I love these! I saw tutorial similar to your corn on the Frugal Crafters Blog, really helps if you know nothing like me!
    Thanks for sharing.

    • says

      Laura, they are so fun to do you should try sometime.

  14. Deborah Kaplun says

    Dawn I have been wanting to dabble in water colors. Did you use watercolor pastels? For a start, I am hoping that I could get more accurate shades of colors. What do you suggest? You did a beautiful job on all of them! I am so glad that you framed them! They look like a million dollars!

    • says

      Deborah I purchased watercolor pencils. I actually fill the design in with the pencil and then go back over it with water to blend and bleed the colors.

  15. Elizabeth Menard says

    Hi Dawn,
    I love this sunflower! Thank you so much for the free print. It will look great in my office! Cheers, Elizabeth

  16. Debbie says

    Your water colors are amazing. I will be downloading the sunflower and pumpkin when we get out of this blistering hot summer. You are definitely talented and very busy. I spend most of my time de-weeding the gardens and preparing for my daughter’s wedding. Have a good week.

    • says

      Debbie, that weeding is a never ending thing. I try to mulch heavily to avoid many weeds. HAve a great time preparing for the wedding ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. says

    How fun are these watercolors! I was just texting with my granddaughter yesterday and sent her a copy of the one and only water color I did in art class when I was her age. Mine is not a fall image, but still…. it’s the best artwork I ever did even though it’s not fantabulous as yours. xo My house is pretty much ready for fall too since it’s my favorite season and I never drag my feet about putting out my fall decor. Thanks for all these links… I’ll be taking a peek at them.

    • says

      Diane, have a great time looking around today I know you’ll find plenty of great ideas.

  18. Jackie says

    Dawn, You are so generous to share your art with us. I printed them out card size and interspersed them with the letters on my “Fall’s Here” banner. They are wonderful.

    • says

      Jackie how creative of you, so glad you were able to make them your own….wonderful ๐Ÿ™‚

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