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Christmas Guest Bathroom


Christmas Bathroom Decor

Do you decorate for Christmas in unexpected places, for instance the bathroom? It’s such an easy place to plop a small fax tree and it makes the space feel festive. My entire main lever is the only spot that got a little Christmas cheer this year. I wasn’t in the mood to go full tilt with the bling so what I did do was very simple and easily doable for anyone on any budget.

Bathroom Decor Ideas

I added a black and white graniteware plate with a tree in the black can; a DIY project and you can see what it is and how to do it here, surrounded by a sprinkle of mixed metal bulbs. Oh and to make it look functional I added the soap dispenser so it all tied in to be bathroom like.  

Small Space Laundry Room

Yep that was it folks, nothing special but just enough to make it feel Christmassy. Here’s a little secret I spent a total of 20 minutes decorating this year. I know I can’t believe that’s all I did but it was all I was up for. For some reason the task of getting it all out then taking it all down was more than I wanted to tackle this year.

Boho Bathroom Decor Ideas

I did get everything out, weeded through it all, and donated ¾ of my Christmas décor. If I no longer used it, no longer liked it, or was just plain out of style off it went to our local Hospice store. Why store stuff I’m no using? I did let my DIL to be take what she wanted first. She inherited all the firefighter ornaments since she’s marrying our son the firefighter. It was one of those things I didn’t give her an option about taking, I boxed them all up and said you get the man you also get the ornaments that go with him LOL.

Christmas Bathroom Decor

I have to mention I’m still so in love with my new Speed Queen washing machine. It looks so small next to the big old dryer, which I’ll replace with a Speed Queen once it dies. I love it so much I told Grama Red just yesterday I could hug it. It washes in 30 minutes, which is new to me; those darn HE washers take an hour and thirty minutes to do a load. Everything comes out clean and I couldn’t be happier.

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  1. Had to laugh at your insisting that your DIL take your son’s firefighter ornaments. In October, my 30 year old grandson got married and at Thanksgiving, I presented he and his wife with all of the childish, glittered, kindergarten and grade school ornaments that he made for me over the years. He was thrilled to see them again, she not so much, but he said they would be on their tree this year.
    Now if and when my granddaughter ever stops traveling from one anthropology dig to another (her amazing job) and settles down in one place, I’ll be able to get rid of several more.

    1. Pat, I’m getting a good chuckle here I wish I could see your DIL’s face when she seen the ornaments. LOL

  2. Anita Roth says:

    I do decorate in my bathroom but I am doing things a lot simpler.Like your idea in the bathroom very simply I to have gotten rid a lot of my Christmas things It’s freeing.Don’t miss it! My decorating for Christmas has gotten simpler to

    1. Anita, I took a truck load of ornaments to the hopsice store and was glad to see them go. I only kept neutral things and freed up a ton of space on the basement shelves.

  3. Love the vignette! The marbleware and the green tree look perfect with the shiny and matte accents! Merry Christmas!!

    1. Thanks Lisa, hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

  4. I bought my sons ornaments every year…still do. One Hallmark, a Wendell August annual ornament & sometimes another. My oldest had about 4 dozen when he got married. Now my daughter-in-law & grandson also look forward to their new ornaments…sometimes I let them choose.

    1. Jeanie, Aw, that’s a great tradition. I may have to start then when they get married.

  5. So happy you love your Speed Queen! You will love the dryer, too!

    1. Verna, Yes Im in love for sure. I’m not sure when I’ll get the dryer but not before the one I currently have dies. I hate to purchase just to have a matching set.

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