My Favorite Tripod & Dolly Camera Accessory

Must Have Camera Necessities A Tripod and Dolly on WheelsToday I want to share with you 2 camera accessories I couldn’t be without. First a Manfrotto tripod with a ball head and second a tripod dolly on wheels. I’ve tried several tripods and nothing can compare to a Manfrotto, they are a bit pricy but you’ll only have to make the investment once. I have a very heavy camera and a tripod that can be purchased at any department store just couldn’t support it, and then add a heavy lens and it’s a recipe for disaster. I certainly wasn’t going to risk having my equipment topple over due to a flimsy tripod so I bit the bullet and forked over the CASHOLA for something substantial.

Must Have Camera Necessities A Tripod and Dolly on WheelsThe second accessory the tripod dolly isn’t a must but it comes in so handy and you’ll wonder how you ever did without it once you own one. I discovered this little gadget while in college; it’s what’s used in the portrait photography department. All you do is put the legs of the tripod into the given spots on the dolly and tighten the wing nuts. Now your tripod can easily glide around the room for photo taking. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to pick up camera and tripod to move it to a new location, but not anymore. The dolly on wheels is a lifesaver for a fast and easy way to move my equipment.

Must Have Camera Necessities A Tripod and Dolly on WheelsI only have wood floors in my home so it makes it a breeze moving it around. I have tried rolling it on low pile area rugs and it does just fine, but as for thick plush carpet I can’t give an informative opinion.

Must Have Camera Necessities A Tripod and Dolly on WheelsI was going to have hubby make me a rolling tripod but this one costs less than making one myself so purchasing was the better option. What’s your favorite camera accessory? 



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  1. Love that tripod…I do not use mine much as it is not very user friendly and my camera is heavy too!….This will be on my wish list….have a great weekend Dawn!

    1. Shirley I’ve had tripods like that and you’re right if they’re not easy to use you won’t drag them out.

  2. Looks awesome, Dawn! I have a heavy tripod that we have had for decades and completely trust it with all of my cameras, both dslr and pocket camera as well. Not sure I would every need wheels, but that’s sure a handy looking accessory to have. I am in the market for a verb small tripod, like a Gorillapod perhaps. Something I can set low to the ground for shooting flowers, bugs, shoes on my feet, etc. Glad to see that you have devices that work well for you…. xo

    1. Diane I never though I would like wheels either until I used them in school and now I live by them. I have one of those tiny tripods and it’s not sturdy enough for my camera. I normally just prop it up on a rock or book and use my wireless trigger to take the shots.

  3. Thanks for this Dawn. I have two tripods and do not completely love either of them. I’ll be studying this one for sure. 🙂

    1. Stacey it’s pricy but you will never have to replace it.

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