Natures Beauty

I went out of town for 3 days and came home to this beautiful, vibrant orange,  maple tree.
I can’t believe the color difference in a few days.But it is all going to change soon.  The weather man said it is going to snow on Wednesday.  

I headed out to the garden and picked my last batch of beans and pulled all the plants.  I still plan on covering the tomatoes a while longer, and when it’s time I will pull them and place the green tomatoes in the basement to ripen. 

I think Winter is creeping up on us sooner than we planned. 


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  1. Beautiful tree! It’s amazing how quickly the leaves turn in the fall.

    We had a few cold days last week and all of my tomatoes split. Darn it! I hope yours last much longer.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. beautiful…Go, God!
    enjoy those green tomatoes…they’d be great with egg-coated/floured-cornmealed and panfried 🙂

  3. That tree is stunning! No signs of winter here yet! I wanna wear my scarf!!

  4. I’m getting more ripe tomatoes now than I did all summer! I think the drought actually helped them – as opposed to being too wet earlier in the season. Getting ready to make green tomato relish this weekend, and yes, plan to pull some to ripen later as well. Enjoy your weekend, Dawn. That is a beautiful photo – brilliant leaves! Our color this year was brief and muted. -Tammy

  5. What a beautiful tree. That’s one think I LOVE about the midwest, is the fall colors.

    I am not ready for the snow yet, but I did hear that we are supposed to have another hard winter.

    Take care!

  6. What a beautiful photo. Mother nature creates beautiful scenes for us to enjoy. We’re still picking big red tomatoes off of our vines. the weather here has been unseasonable warm. The garden loves it. Hugs and sincere wishes for a beautiful weekend xo

  7. That is such an incredible photo! I can’t believe that beautiful color!
    🙂 CAS

  8. I didn’t know that tomatoes would ripen in a basement. I still have some green ones and should go pick them. Lovely photos. I wish I had a tree that turned that color. Mine are not that pretty and the branches are really high up so I couldn’t cut one if I wanted to. Happy Sunday Dawn!

  9. Your tree is beautiful! I love the colors of Fall, so warm and inviting, even on a tree.
    Hugs, Cindy

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