Dried Lavender, a Vintage Quilt, and a New Blog or Two

Dried Lavender

Tonight is the first football game going into the playoffs. I am excited for the boys and nervous at the same time. As a parent I always want them to win, and if that happens it will advance them to the next level, if they loose this will be the last high school game I watch my youngest play, it’s such bittersweet memories. On the up side, it won’t be my last football game altogether, he already has offers from several colleges to play football at the college level. 


Lavender and a Vintag Quilt

I can’t believe how fast time has passed, in two weeks my oldest son will be 19. Where did the time go? The oldest was always homeschooled and graduated when he was 16. I am so proud of that boy, he left the house the day he turned 16 seeking employment, and didn’t come home till late that day with a job and they put him right to work there on the spot. Since then he has switched jobs, has a company vehicle, wonderful benefits and makes the wages of most people twice his age. I tease my boys often, thanking them for being such hardworking, compassionate and intelligent boys, I say that means they will put there momma up in a nice old age home some day. 



I must be going through a mid life crisis lately. Nothing horrible, I just seem to cry at the drop of a hat (more than most) and get very overcome when I think of my kids moving forward in their lives. Before long it will be just hubby and I in the home and I won’t know what to do with myself. I am a mom who makes sure I am home whenever my kids are there. I cook and bake from scratch and am always available to listen. I so enjoy all my boys friend who hang at our house. It is nothing for me to be cooking for a gang of kids every night, it is so much fun listening to the chatter of 8 teens around the island while they help me prepare a meal. To bring myself out of my pity party I am working hard at starting a photography business, at this time it is mostly family, baby, and senior portraits. So stay tuned for my new photography blog coming out….dawncainphotography.com, I have the domain name purchased and am in the process of developing the website.  Some day soon I will tell you the story about how both my boys became mine.  Have a great weekend everyone, I am off to watch some football.


Some exciting news: Tonight at 7 my new blog launches, “Life in Focus 365“, it’s where I will journal my everyday life through one photo a day. Make sure to pop by tonight at 7 for day one of my new photo journal.








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  1. You are very ambitious starting up some new blogs. I’ll be popping by to check them out.
    It is a bitter sweet time when the kids leave the family home. Focus on the positive and know that you will have new places to visit when they have their new homes. You will always be part of their lives no matter where they live.

    1. Linda thank you so much for the kind words and pep talk. I sure needed to hear it:) Have a wonderful weekend my friend.

  2. I understand so much about the boys Dawn, my oldest played football,he loved it, then he coached highschool football we all so enjoyed those games. Both my other son’s would be on the field doing stats…all of us rooting for his team. He’s 41 now with two kids Alex 9 and Nicholas 2. They grow up to be wonderful adults Dawn and it’s so rewarding to see that all the time and work made such a wonderful man. I have three sons and my daughter is the oldest she is district manager of a bank, my oldest son is a math teacher, middle son is a history teacher and my youngest is a manager of Starbucks. This is what makes it all worth while, your oldest is fantastic all because of you!
    I’ll be waiting to see your new blogs:)

    1. Rondell, what a lovely family you have and all doing so well. I just pray my boys continue doing great things. Thank you so much for sharing a peek into your kids lives. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Oh, my sister is feeling overwhelmed with changes in the family, too. It is hard watching them grow up and move on. Wow, you son has done quite well so early. I know you are very proud.

    1. Kim, I know I will get through it, just dreading the change.

  4. Gorgeous quilt so beautifully displayed with the lavender….I have a friend who is a photographer that did the same thing…she journaled a year with one pic a day….what a great thing to do!… Have a fabulous weekend!

    1. Shirley, that is exactly what I am going to do with my new 365 blog.

  5. That is a great idea, photo journaling with a photo a day. I may just do that as well. It sounds wonderful. Thank you for the idea. All my babies have flown the nest but somehow we stay busy and keep on enjoying life. I pursued learning to paint and developing a business selling my work. I have been able to travel and see sites that broadened my horizons. I, like you, had my kids as my world, my focus when they were home and I loved it. Being a mom was #1 for me. I did not need a career to find fulfillment. And yet when it was time for them to move on into their own lives I was fine and managed to easily fill my days with activities that kept me from missing them too much. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Pamela, I sure hope I adjust as well as you did. As long as they stay near by all will be good. I hate the though of them moving to another state.

  6. Dawn, what lovely pics of the quilt & lavender. I have actually been looking to purchase some dried lavender. It’s tough when our children leave the nest, but I can tell you from experience you do learn to enjoy the empty nest. You are so talented, and looks like you have some fun projects on the horizon. I can’t wait to check out your new blog tonight.

    1. Mary, the lavender is from my garden. I need to harvest mores and dry it next year. I sure hope I adjust well to the empty nest thing.

  7. I would, I will feel the same way as you do about the change that will come as my kiddos grow up and move on. Yay for you! I hope your business takes off at the perfect time!

    1. Tammy, It will be hard for me to be an empty nester but I do hope the photography takes off.

  8. Looking forward to your new blog Dawn…these shots are so pretty!!

  9. Isn’t life wonderful…love your perspective….as a Mother of 5 married children….I know how it feels.
    Good luck in your creative adventures.
    Happy Day

  10. Teresa, thank you for the kind words and encouragement. I need all the luck I can get.

  11. Dawn, first let me wish the football team good luck tonight in the playoffs and second, I predict that your photography business is really going to take off way more than you expect! I will check out your new blogs, of course!

    1. Jane, We lost the game:( so no more football this season. Thank you for taking the time to peek in on my other blogs.

  12. Congratulations on your new endeavors! You’re going to be so busy and successful you will hardly have time to miss your boys!

  13. Dawn, what have you been up to? Hmmm. You have been very secretive, my friend – no hint of all of this during our phone call! Congratulations. And you are a great mom.


    1. Claudia, I had been planning it, but had some free time and ambition this week so I whipped up 2 new blogs.

  14. Yay! Following “Life in Focus 365!” Can’t wait to see more of your beautiful photos!

  15. Sounds wonderful Dawn and good for you on the new blog. Love dried lavender.

    1. Thank you Debbie, like I don’t have enough to do, what was I thinking starting 2 new blogs.

  16. Dawn, your sons sound like wonderful young men! I’m sure that you’re so proud! Good luck on your new ventures 🙂

    1. Susan, they are great kids, and thank you so much wishing me luck!

  17. I can understand how you feel about your boys leaving home. I felt the same way when ours were that age. It’s so nice that their friends love to come to your home. It was the same with our kids. They all hung out at our house. And even after the boys left home, those kids would still stop by to see if my husband would play ball with them. Ha!

    Hang in there, Dawn. Life will replenish you with other wonderful things – including your sons’ new adventures in whatever they pursue. It’s not the same, but it’s still nice. Now I have 7 grandchildren and life is full and abundantly good. I know yours will be also. Sending a million blessings to you and best wishes on your new photography adventures. Your photos are the best.

    1. Mary, thank you for the kind words it meant so much to hear your story. I will pray my life goes as your’s has.

  18. In 2010 within 4 months of each other our 2 oldest daughters got married, our middle daughter graduated from College, our youngest graduated from High School. And then within a couple months our two married daughters moved with their husbands, one went to Germany, the other to Alabama. The youngest moved to WMU to start College. It is hard, it never gets easy but looking back it is all about “wings”.

    1. Kim, I do hope know I will get through it all just dread the whole process.

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